Out with Heri!

Hi poople!
Yep, I'm here to blog again.
Ahaha, sorry if my blog lags your whole computer system.

Feels weird to put my own zilian picture...
Should I post? LOL.

I kinda like this picture! 
Should I edit it or something? 
Maybe ask Heri, since he seems quite good at it.

Met up with Heri at Orchard MRT station!
& we started searching for Anna and Edmund's birthday present.
(Yep, we went out because of your birthday present one okay!)

Heri is currently BOTAK
Okay, still got hair, BUT STILL.
Nice to touch eh.
Like you know, the golf club there de grass. HAHAHA.
Eh, those grass expensive one okay! Want touch also difficult.
Yet, here we are! Free grass. LOL. Okay, I'm lame.

A picture of Heri's Botak Head! Wooo.

I can only say, we walked alot.
& we actually went to Cine Leisure.
Played PIU, and walked back again.
Omg, stupid lahhhh!
But then, playing PIU with Heri was darn funnnnnn!
Because, I get to play difficult songs!
Heri is like, quite good with PIU already leh!
Even though he complained no muscle even though he plays alot. Lmao!
P/s: Heri spilled saliva while playing Beat of The War!
Heri: "After my saliva came out, I stop already. & wiped my saliva."

And then, we walked back again. '-'
Oh yah! Heri bought this drink, milk tea? Or something.
Then he was like, asking me to drink, share y'know.
He forgot I don't take dairy products. :/
Heri: "Drink some lah! I promise you don't have the taste."
Walao! How you know which taste I don't like?! Tsk.
We realised that the 3 times we went out tgt, (yes, this is the 3rd time this year)
Heri always force me to eat things that I don't like. (tsk)
When we went out to IDK where, (1st time),
He forced me to eat this, bun(?) with these yucky cream inside,
& claimed that it is nice. He forced me you know!
In the end, I ate a small bit, and spit out. Yucks.
The 2nd time, was the 3C'10 BBQ.
He force me to eat butter. LOL.
But that wasn't very bad, since most likely I'd taste the chicken or whatever food more.
Now, THIS. Gosh. Evil eh.

AND. We saw a band performing! Omg!
We walked pass them 2 times. (They were at the other side of the road).
The 2nd time, they were playing HAWAII-FIVE-O!!
Omg!!! Feels great to know the songs that other band plays!
& Heri acually KNOW that song.
Seee! Join band (before) SHIOK right! HAHAHA.

The bunch of people wearing black was the one performing.

Here comes the BEST PART.
*drum roll*
.*and roll*
.*AND roll*
I went to Heri's house!

Yes yes yes yes yes, I didddddddd!
Omg, I mean, 1st, he lives in a condo.
& I really likes condo.
(Actually only the tapping card thingy, & the lights when it's at night. and IDK why. '-')
2nd, I'm the SECOND person who has been to his house.
Moreover, the 1st one was a guy.
I feel so honored!
& we were both VERY excited.
Heri's heart was actually beating very fast. LOL!

Okay, don't say I not good lah.
I took picture of his house!
LOL. I have no idea why I did that.
But yep, since I took 'em, I should post 'em!
This might be the 1st and last time I'll go his house,
So must take picture as souvenir y'know. HAHA.

His condo's lift!
My arm looks fat here, BUT THEHECKWITHIT.

Prove that I'm REALLY at his house.
Candid sia.
Was doing cards for Anna and Edmund while Heri USE COMP. Tsk.
Heri: Eh, Xinman.
Me: Hmahh?
Heri: *snap!

His living room! 
& Those things on the table, was what he call, MESSY. '-'
God, my house is WAY messier than this.

*Right side of this sofa is a small errr, 'room'.

Heri's bedroom! Kinda empty, don't you think?
Maybe next time I can help him decorate. LOLOL.

We're inside the 'room' that i describe just now.
That's his wardrobe! Got v little clothes leh, really.
& YES! That's the shirt I bought for his birthday! HAHA.
& right beside this...

It's, uhm, a study room?
Or maybe his dad's home 'office' or something.
Weird right! Like, RIGHT BESIDE leh.
Plus, this place is like, in the middle(?) of the living room.
Ahhhh, how to explain??

Okay, that's his errrr, corridor(?).
And yes, on the right side, is where his wardrobe and the study thingy.
& you can actually walk through the 'room' to the other side!
Great place for playing catching. HAHAHA.

Taken from the door.
Means, if you walk in, you'll straight away see this.
The right hand side is actually a PIANO. (omg!)
Yes I know, it's dark. 
But I can't just, SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS, right?

& I ate at his house!
I must say, it was real good.
But then, his SISTER was sitting right infront of me.
Damn awkward lah!
Then Heri was like : "Eh, eat leh."
His sister: "Take for her lah!"
OMG. Paiseh lahhhh.
Later she think I'm Heri's girlf. Which I am SO NOT.
Thankyou for the food, Heri! Or Heri's Mum. Or Heri's maid. Hmm.

Alright! I'm done here!
Guess I won't be going out tmr.
Maybe.... Revising for tests?

Last and final picture to end this post!

I wanna drop.


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