Junior Bands In Concert! (JBIC)

Yesterday (24 August'10) was our SWO & other school's babies performance!
Heheheeee, it was really enjoyable!
Feels so different to sit there & listen instead of playing WITH them!
& like, hearing my juniors play, so shiok.
I kept smiling you know! Ah, shit, zibi. Opps. (Ahem).
Amiirul and Huda was the MC for that night!
But then whenever one band comes out to sit, everyone started screaming,
Like, NON-STOP. :/
I wanted to hear what they're saying!
Kinda, rude. Hmms.

Made cards for all my beloved Juniors & MsJama! And........

Bought Oreo for all the sec ones and the helpers! 

Okay, we were like, LOST LAH,
Then Jiawei was like so pek chek while asking Samantha how to go.
& here I am, taking picture of beautiful skies~
Ahahahaaaaa, baddd!
But you gotta admit it's darn nice right. :D (Because I take one!)


If it's more brighter it'd be more nicer, :/

Omg, Huaiyue and Angieeeeee! 
The toilet mirror very nice right. HAHA.

JJC! Omg, the people I know step down already, ):

They were playing 'Alligator Alley', & they put this crocodile there.
I expected it to move, somehow. HAHAHA.
But nahhhh~
At least they put in effort to make it, right! 

SWO's Junior Band!! 
Hehehe, they damn cute lahhhhh!
& we're the only school that has got double bass player! 
You know the two sec 1 percussions there, at the back.
Qing Shan and dunno who. 
Both of them were like, SWAYING WHILE PLAYING!
They were so enthusiastic! & they look so happy. ^^

Amiirul and Huda! Woooooo!
Amiirul damn sexy sia in suit. Like, WHOA.
Huda keeps claiming that her dress looks like GARBAGE BAG.
But it looks great lah!
(maybe on her, cos she's a RUBBISH mah) HAHA. Joke.

Okay, I'm so sorry, but I forgot which school wear what uniform...
So, in order not to make myself lose face, I think I'd better don't upload them.. 

From here on, I don't think it's in any order whatsoever...

Shermen! Hahaha, our bass clarinettist! Woooooooooo!
I hope he won't change his instrument. XD

My 2 juniors!
Geez, I'm really sad that I didn't get to take picture with all my juniors.
It was like, CHAOS lah!
Very difficult to find all 6 together.. ):

Oh yeah! I didn't wear dress that day, 
Cause I've got like, 5 more new mos bites, AGAIN.
& it's so damn freaking red and big and ugly I decided to wear jeans. '-'
Ahhh, whatever~

Wow Huaiyue's face! 7th month leh. XD

Angie!! She had to, bend down.
But heckkkkkk!

I was frantically finding people lahhhh! 
She's like, saw me then pull me over one luh, tsk!

Khoi Yan! 
Did she really have to bend down till like that... :/

They look so cute together right!
Eh, they look kinda alike...

Ahahaha! Confirm those random shot one!

He's like, my idol lah! 
I like crazy over him leh. In a idol sort of way.
I still think that he has an imaginary robe behind him! 
& he's taller than me whatthe@$@!@$%!
But yeah! HOHOx.

Our real, true colours!

Samantha's passport photo! 

Mine mine! Hey I got brown eyes! Wooo!

I'm not extra, I just dowan to waste space, since can squeeze in mah! Hehe.

What were we 'woooo'-ing about again? Hmmms.

I think I'm too happy. HAHAHAHAH!

Wow, flying kiss!
*take, crush and throw back to Huda*. HOHOx.

Yes yes yes... I'm tip-toeing.... :/
You where not happy! Heh.

This is nice! & Samantha's face is being covered! Woooo!

I wanted to take picture with Kimberly one luh!
Samantha keep snatch our camera!

Howie damn cool and sexy here, right! 


Wah sey, want to seduce me is it!

They like modeling for some weird products that makes your face looks like that!
Interested? Call 1900-112-5858. 

We look alike here don't we! HAHA.

Don't you dare snatch her away from me!!!
Don't even think about it!

Khoi Yan gave me banana to eat! 
Very nice leh. Sweet sweet one!
Ahhhh, monkey.

New weapon invention! Banana gunnie 135.

Jiawei came in at the RIGHT MOMENT!
Samantha was actually REALLY dancing. Hahaha!

Samantha wanted to kiss Huda using FORCE!!
Ahhhh, outrage of modesty!

They laugh till very natural!
Can be model already!

I look freakishly like a guy here! Omg.
But quite handsome hor. HAHAAAA.

Pretty girls for sale! Haha!
See my leg at the bottom?? IT'S MINE!

Yep! Here Jiawei and I go, AGAIN.

I should've stand above her!!!

Oppppps! Found out!

Okay I kinda like this picture alot! 
Last pictureeee! Wooo!

Alright! Done!
Man, I'm so tireeeeeeddddd! 1am plus already sia, WHOA.
Goodnight people of the cyber world. Miss me. :D


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