Busy busy.

He told me not to post on FB, but never say cannot post on blog! :D
So if any SWO babies pass by, feel free to save this picture,
& post on FB! Of cos, must TAG HIM. AHEM.

Band was fun today! 
For like... 2 hours. HAHAHA.
God, I reaaaaaally miss the days when we practise everyday.
I rather we play the same songs over and over again than playing SCALES.
& more scales. Tsk.
Even though it's good for us.... Ah.
I miss the seniors.
I miss CRAPPING with the seniors.
I miss not caring about anything about the band, other than my tone and techniques.
I prefer sitting down and PLAY, instead of walking around and getting things done.
It's like, I feel that I'm having a huge responsibility.
& if someone did something wrong, it's all my fault.
AND, I reaaaally hate getting things done halfway... :/

Oh yeah! 
I finally bought a watch, that my abnormal wrist can wear! 
I'm super super happy.
Because I really wanted a watch for a trillion years,
But my wrist is so disgusting small, whatever watch I wear will fall out easily.
And look damn ugly.
&... It's blue in colour!
Okay, it's stainless steel, but, the er, 'screen' is light blue. ^^
Happyyyy! Okay, shall look for another word that can replace happy.
I'M DELIGHTED. (okay, no difference).

Monday: Emath remedial.
Tuesday: Emath tuition.
Wednesday: Band.
Thursday: Chemistry remedial.
Friday: Band.
Sat: Band AND Amath remedial.
Sunday: Homeworks has to be done.

Wow. So everyday the earliest I'd reach home will be... 7pm?
Dang. So, to all my SWO babies, you better enjoy life now.

If only watching animes were a job!
Then no need to study, to STRESS about studies.
Hide at home, watch anime, get money. WHOA.
Or maybe I can just be a famous blogger eh.
Can earn money also. 
But then, it'll never happen, with my sucky english and lousy vocab.

Gahhh, think I complain too much.
Should be happy about life, right?
Okay, shall stop ranting now. 
This is such a boring post.

Rewind, please.


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