Great day today!


Today was this YOG thingy.
Three sec 2 people is suppose to run with the torch thingy.
Less than 30mins I think, but, AT LEAST WE 'SKIPPED' LESSON!

We're making the 'frog face'
Is that what you call it? They were very hyped by this face today!

See the aunty with that bright striking yellow shirt over there?
She actually, walked ON the road.
Weird people in this area, tsk! (& we're one of 'em!)

Yeah, we actually got sick of waiting and created our own YOG!
Go Andra! Go Ashwin! *Screams like mad woman!

Finally something related to YOG came.
Coke! Jiawei should see this. HAHA.

& this is blue! Wooooo!
Samsung leh, my phone. :D

So you know, when these 2 bus came, we shouted, cheered, scream, dance, wave, whatever.
& then......

A bus filled with primary school students came!
AND we're still shouting cheering screaming dancing waving!
& the pri school students inside was like. "Huh, errr, Hi?"
Hahahah! Cuteeeeee!

There were alot of this type of police(?).
Seriously, ALOT.
We cheered everytime one passed by, some really was like, am chio lah!
Some face really very the serious. Like someone gonna die that feeling. Tsk!

Were they afraid that we will be too excited and rush out of the pavement,
& got bang by a car? 
Hmmm. Or maybe scared the runners got asthma.

Yeah yeah, we were boreeeeeeddd!
I look tired. Wait, I WAS tired. :/

& finally! The time has come! *Cheers! Scream! Shout!*.
& then it was over.

Kinda stupid, right?
Like, we waited for soooooo long, and then she ran past us, then POOF!
It's overrrrr!
Er okay. Let's be more enthusiastic.
Must be more high mah! Hor hor hor.
The only I liked about this is that..... we get to skip class. :D
They should like, use up more time, and let them run more, right?
Those people who ran, great job to them!
Thank god we didn't need the ambulance.

Alright, then, it was MT!
The great thing is, TEACHER NOT HERE.
At 1st thought only for 1st period, in the end he never come for both period!
& I walked, and talked, and compete height with people!
(Even though I know I'd lost :/)
& took picture with.... What xin's camera! (I forgot her name! Shoot!)
Shiok lah, her camera infront got another screen.
Can see what we taking. Jealous!

Ey this picture so skinny! 
Cute laa.

I feel as if I came in last minute...
HAHAHA. Oh well! No space you know. I too fat.

Then the rest of the day is just, boring.

Around 5 plus, went out with my sis to library.
I know. Unbelievable.
My sis? Study?
They just don't get together!
But yet! Here she is, requesting to go library to study!
Ahahhaaaaaa, anyway, that's just real shocking, nothing special.
We did joke alot though.
& reminisce the old days where we used to sell shoe there.
(Yes, we did, when I was sec one, the 'square' beside the library.)
Chatted alot! Darn fun laaaaa!
Kept laughing like idiots.

Nice right? Because got good photographer mah. :D

We went to popular before heading home.
Let's get to the main point.

I found ittttttttt! Wooooooo!
My sis called my phone, and then someone picked up! :O
Met at the popular front door near the cashier there, and they returned!
Was I lucky, or just pure coincidence?
I mean, if it was other people, most probably I will never see my hp again.
& guess what, I think they went through my messages, and Edward's text.
(Cos he was sick and I asked him whether was he okay. Don't anyhow think!)
I mean, they actually took the effort to ask someone to get my phone back. O.M.G.
& since Edward was in hospital, he couldn't have come right?
So he texted people whether they're near JE MRT station.
(& he text me too, I have no idea why, since it was my phone which is lost). 
HAHAHA. I mean, it's like, so considerate of him right.
I guess staying at hospital really is boring. Hmm.

I still remember their looks! Okay not really.
One indian, one chinese. Both very pretty. Like, really.
& they were wearing a uhm, green uniform? Whole uniform light green.

I hereby thank this two pretty girls wearing light green uniform.
& Edward who is in hospital with his swollen face.
I mean, I might never see my precious samsung jet again...
Man, I think I really am damn lucky.
And look! It's 12.32am, friday 13th!
Maybe if I lost it today I won't find it? Whoaaaaaaaa!

Okayokay, shall stop here now. Long post sia this one.



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