Yay pictureeees!

Okay, I'm gonna post pictures today!
Yayyyy! Jump with me! LOL.
I think I've got most of the chinese culture trip pictures. (天福宫).
& most of the racial harmony pictures too! Weeeeeeeee.
I keep spelling harmony as harmoney. Money. HAHA.

Shall start with the Racial Harmony day 1st.
Since it was earlier.
NOTE: The pictures ain't in any sequence whatsoever!

Racial Harmony Day.
I like his ethnic costume!

Is the person behind FATYHA??

We look like some happy-go-lucky kids.

Somehow it feels like those olden days family picture with all this costumes..

Ms Tan looks so cute here!

I'm the ONLY one with short hair. Pathetic!


My hair looks untidy here but she looks so pretty!
I've gotta explain, I just woke up, that's why you can see the that part like popping out.

Like, same skin colour.. :X

He bias luh!
When I took picture with him, he sits down. (Above).
But when took picture when Tiffany, he STANDS.
Tsk tsk!

Our hands were all interlockeddddd! :D

Who took this unglam picture of me one ah!?!

The 'Eat-Shit!' Gang!

He's like, wearing the ethnic costume on top of his uniform lah!

Amiirul! He was handsome, THAT DAY ONLY.

Omg, will you look at that height difference?!
Must make this clear.
I am NOT short. He's just TOO tall. :D

This was requested by them!
I find this very the nice & artistic, (mainly because I took it.)
P.S: it was their idea, NOT mine.

Ehhhh, the fake Jaden Smith? 

I reaaaaaaally like his scarf! 
& I feel like I'm taking a picture with a, statue. :O

Rosanna looks pretty pretty here! :D

Deddy Andra Eka Putra. W/o the Tan!
Will he complain? HOHOx.

Hey, my smile looks fake here!

Wah! Fight fight fight fight fight!
Eh, racial harmony leh. Tsk tsk.

Yep philo! I'm here to save the day! 

Rosanna: The Big Shot History Students!
W/o me. ):

My other hands looks, invisible. 

Okie dokie!
That's all for racial harmony.
Now....... *Drum rolls*
Time for the chinese field trip or something like that!

天福宫 Trip.
Mervin looks damn cute here!

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.."

I like this picture!
Because I look ridiculously happy. :D

A small model of a building.
IDK which building, I just like small things. :D

Yes yes yes! 
It's a Euphonium!
Omg. I really wanna call Shi Yun or Aidil to come & try whether it can still be blown!
Maybe it's still in good condition! HOHOx.
Then bring to band & give junior. HAHA.

Yep, another model!
It's showing us how a normal house looks like in the olden times or something?
The tour guide told us that, one whole family squeezes in one room each. 

Closer view.
Paiseh ah, blur one.

AND another! 
Sorry about that, but I just love small things which looks SOOOO REAL!

This is the 'one room' that each family stays in the olden times.
Can you take it?
(I don't think there were rich to buy a TV, it's a video about people who lived there.)

Here's another example.

It looks kinda peaceful here.
See that paper ball? I used to play it!
I don't think there's anymore now.

They were resting at the 'corridors'.

This is essential for teaching kids good behaviour. 
Wanna try?

She was trying to act like she's working hard there. 
But it kinda failed. XD

My aunt in Indonesia still uses this!

Olden day's shop!

Yep, they're all in my chinise class, & I don't really know them well till that day.
(Except for Victoria.)

This was taken from Bo Jun which was taken from our chinese teacher's baidu blog!

It's blur! But we're on the bus, so, HAHAHHAAAAAA.

She's reaaaaaally cute once you get to know her!
Plus, she's damn independent, living by herself.
Oh my god my panda eyes.

Oppps! Flash! 
But I kinda like this effect. HAHA.

Ahhhhhhhh, here you go, a better one.
Btw, she's from HK! Wooooo!

Woooo, Victoria!

Pardon my photography skills!

Anna looks pretty here too!
Darn, My face there, like ruin the picture. LOL.

Wooooo, Whheelohhmieenahh!

Ah Jun! Okay, I like very far away from him, 
BUT YAH. 男女授受不清, you know?

A sleeping beauty & a scholar. 
Weh, don't tell Kelly I posted this ah! She'll strangle me! Ahhh!

My chinese teacher! LOLx.
We like living in different world, I take my picture, he take his.

Alright, this china guy here like saying 'hi' right,
I feel that he kinda looks like the Dai Yang Tian.
Just that he's too white & his eyebrows a bit too thick. 
But his mouth kinda looks like right!
But Jiawei doesn't agree with me, so yeah, maybe I think too much!

They look happy! Maybe they're just glad they're going home. HAHAHHAA.

She's asleep! Guess she's tired from all the 'sewing'. HOHOx.

Aiyoh, act cute ah! Heh.

I caught Philo taking pictures of others! Woooooo.
Oh yeah, & look! We got a very nice bus.

Wanted to take a picture of Jasmine, but FAILED.

Edward emo-ing. 
Actually sleeping lah. HAHA.

Rosanna: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Dowannnnn!

Rosanna: Okay lah, just one ah!

The Randomness!

Ey this picture very nice right!
Of cos! I take one mah!
Okay, why am I talking to myself?!

Yay I finally took picture with Kellllllly!
Even though she's not looking at the camera. BUT YAH!

Oh god, I finally finished with this posts.
I used like, TWO DAYS to upload those stupid photos.
& I finally became clever & use http://www.tinypic.com to upload. :/
Still got BBQ pictures on the 24th July coming right up! 
Sorry to bore you with all these pictures. 
My butt is sore from sitting down too long, gosh.

Oh yeah, before I forgot,
I MUST get the present & write the card for Syazwani tmr! (Her birthday.)
AND, I promised FFF to watch High School Of The Dead.
So I'm gonna watch it asap.
& of cos, Heri's Rock Baby! 
I never forget hor!

I need to clear my mind.


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