Lazy to study.

Okay, this is gonna be another long loooooong posts.
Shall start with yesterday, (25th July'10 Sunday.)
Went to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice with my sister at west mall!
Seriously, it's like, damn damn nice!
We (or I) wanted to watch Despicable Me.
But guess what, the WHOLE DAY, only got one slot. WTH?
So yeah, BUT, we didn't regret, it's darn funny, & has got a HAPPY ENDING.
I like happy endings. :D

See the guy up there?
I prefer that guy rather then the 'main' character.
I find him HANDSOME. Yeah, even though he's like, I think quite old?
I think his name is call, eh, Nicolas Cage.

Yep yep! This guy!
& some of you might know, I reaaaaaaally hates guys with long hair.
Like, hate hate hate hate hate 'em!
But he kinda suits this hairstyle! Wow.
On the other hand, he doesn't suit short hair, like.

Looks older than ever, eh?
Ahhhhhhh, I'm not a person who likes old man okay!
(No offence, Mr Nicolas Cage.)
Okay don't say I very bad, here's the main guy in the show.

Of cos, with Nicolas Cage!
I damn bias eh? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.
Okay, skip skip.

Now's the time for the main dish!
(24th July'10 Saturday.)
3C'10 BBQ!

Met my sis before going to the BBQ.

Yep! This is MsTan's house!

My fringe damn annoying right?
Should I trim it? :/

Yep, Heri came!
He's so hardworking eh?
Our very very very own cook! HAHA. No wages one.

Yep, we're getting ready, & there's so little of us there. 

Playing frisbee while waiting for people to come & help!

Edward looks funny hereeeee!

Yay yay! More people coming!

this picture! 
Too bad it's so blur. EPIC!

Syazwani so sexy! 

& Set looks innocent hereeee! HAHA.

Haha! This is damn funny!
I was like, "Kian Hong! Prerit! Jin Wei!"
& they all turn their head at the same time, 
& I caught it!
That just shows what a good photographer I am. *claps claps*

Yay! I love candids! :D

& double yay! 
More candids. HAHAHA. Blur. :/

Wooooo! Anna kinda looks like, you know, that one, that one! 
Aiyoh, you know one lah! I dunno how to say!

Ehhhh! Don't see like that hor!
I must use alot of my energy to beg them to take a picture one okay! 
Tsk tsk tsk!

Why is Yuya kneeling down? 
Omg, is she proposing to Syazwani?!?
Okay, I'm being lame. :D

Heri! Your man-boobs touching Rosanna ler lah!
Outrage of Modesty!

Mandy looks alot like Mindy here!

How I wish i really was THAT tall. 
She was sitting down. :/

Heri is tip-toeing! Don't be foooooled!

This is currently one of my phone wallpapers. 
Mandy & Philo last min come in one!
Effect quite nice. 

Yay! 2 cooks!
Requested by that Kusmama.

I like this! Somehow very the geography.

Hahaha! I kinda like this picture too! 
Very eh, family??

Heri: Eh kua simi kua, cannot drink water ah!

Yeah Mandy! I know you love me!

& I know you love me too Rachel. :D

Edward loves me too! Wow.
Okay, I'm damn lame nowwwwwww.

Opps! Caught on action! LOLOL.

Ehhh! The SMEXY Little Mermaid is here also!
Hehehe, Shhhhh,

Me: Jin Wei! Kian Hong!
Them: Huh?
Me: *press button* Yayyyy!
They got tricked again by me. HAHA.


Nice frontground, right? :D

I do look like Bruce Lee, hor.

Heri's trying to be artistic.
But of cos, FAILED.
Because he's not as pro as me! Wahahahaha!
Actually cos the model not pretty that's why. HAHA.

That's a really unglam picture. 

AND this, is just plain SCARY.

Eleh! Sweet eh! 
NC16 hor you guys!

Omg, & here's Heri trying to molest him, what the??
I just said, NC16!

Yep guys, this is how Heri SINGS. 
Whenever he sing through the phone I will imagine this stance,

Wait wait, must clear throat before I sing. LOL.

Look look! I balanced it!
Ahaha, centre of gravity. 

Waaaahhh, so sweet sey, 
Why I don't have???

Ahhahaha! Nice move, Bo Jun!

I think Rosanna is HIGH!

Yep, the NPCC people finally came.
& Deddy took the certificate UPSIDE-DOWN!

Requested by Rosanna!

Marvin looks REALLY scary here. :O

Yeah man, this is more better.

Jam plays the guitar: & they sings. 
& I conduct! Wooooooo!

I am NOT trying to act sexy. '-'

Look at the fire! Look at it look at it!

Look who's mouth is bigger! :D

The busy 3C & some-other-people crowd.

Phew! Finally posted finish, wah, I really used alot of time & effort you know?
Round of applause for me, please? HAHA.
As I'm speaking now, Heri Kusmama is currently helping me upload pictures to FB!
Since I can't upload mah, so he help me lo. 
Thankyou MAMA!

& oh yah, Mervin got lost on that day too. 
Man, we all send troops (the 3Cs) to find him lo!
In the end he went home himself.
Didn't even tell us!
The BBQ bacame a Hide&Seek game liddat. :/
We were worried that he got lost or something lah! Zzz.
Pissed off with him. Attention seeker.

Okay, my blog confirm very the lag.
Remember to click on my Nuffnang Ads alright poople?

Stupid coughs.


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