When I was still young.

Nowadays not so busy already, can finally take a break every once in a while.
Math is still tooooo difficult.

Oh yeah! There was this this, racial harmony thingy,
& we're allowed to wear other people's ethnic costume blah blah blah.
Btw, I can't pronounce ethnic properly.
Attthhhhhheeniickk. Hmm. Ehhthhheeeniiiiq. Ehethhnik. Ehhth- Argh!
Anyway, took lots of pictures.
But I'm waiting for people to tag me!
Promise will upload. Woooooooo.

Today got this chinese thingy also!
Eh. Chinese classes were to go to _______ & China Town for history tour or something?
Chinese history(?).
I got to get closer to some of the chinese students in my chinese class whom I rarely talked to!
Happy happy.
It's like, help us bond lah.
I like trips/outings that help us bond. Borrrnnnned.
Got pictures toooo! But I'm waiting for people to tag me in FB! Again.
I want a camera. ):

Oh yeah! There is a class outing on this coming Saturday!
Do hope lots of people come, & that it'll be a fun day!
I want take pictures too. Wowowooooo.

Shit. I itching to upload pictures.
Feel uncomfortable if I didn't.

Okay! Found some of my old family pictures.
Shall upload.

Yep yep, this is me. 
Man I got a huge mouth.
I have no idea why I took picture with this Tweety Bird!
I like so boy-ish already when I small. :O

Maybe if it's in black & white it'll be scary. HAHA.

Ey I still got this picture up on my fridge! 

Happy times. 
& my specs damn old fashion! HAHA.

Long long time ago.


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