Fuck Money.

Greetings my friends!

Well, I needed money desperately, so I had no choice but to ask my mum for it.
She told me she had no money, but she dug out $35 for me.
& she gave it to me, smiling.
Eh fuck, I instantly felt tears.
Why is money such a problem in our house?
LMAO, I can't even go for a CHEM tuition because we have no money.
I think I should just stop complaining about tuition then.
Just read textbook.
Fail then fail, at least I tried.
Thank god I still have the 'tuition teacher' for math.
You don't know how grateful I am.
I'm really jealous of those people that can get whatever they wants.
Just ask for it, & POOF! You got it.
I shall skip eating more often to save more.
Everytime because I eat that's why no money. Lmao.
Seriously, Fuck Money.

It doesn't really help that my parents are quarreling eh?
It's like god-know-how-long since we did stuff as a FAMILY.
Suspecting that dad's got affair outside. Mum knows it.
Mum's also flirting with this guy from Indonesia.
Dad's sleeping at the living room.
Mum went to Indonesia quite often, like 1 time in 2 months.
I'm worried that things will get worst.
But it's more troubling that the fact that we can't do anything about it.
We can only watch, listen, & stay out.

Okay, cheer up! Woo.
Went to Jiawei's house just now, to take my chem TB & WB.
Did my history homework(s) there!
Phew. Left chem & math. Tmr!
After that went to meet my sis at my neighborhood there.
Walked around, joked, laughed like mad!
I finally know what my sis mean when she says that,
"No one else can make you laugh, 
care and love you like how your family do."
But it's kind of contradicting, considering how my family is now.
But I never laughed sooooooo hard since just now.
My sis is really irreplaceable. 

Okay, Pictures. (:

Yep, we were cleaning the band storeroom!
Khoi Yan the Santa. 
Now we only need some red cloth...

Yep, we found this at the band storeroom!
It's a freaking big METRONOME.
I wonder still can use anot! 

Michelle! Teehee, she look like some model here.

This is Philomena!
A bit unglam, BUT YAH.
Why did I take this picture? 
Because she NEVER eats at school & this is like the 2nd time this year!
Must take picture 做纪念!

It's dangerous.

I want to work.


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