SNYO concert.

OKAY. Before I go to the main point, I'm gonna rant here.
Ignore the bunch of words, cos it's rubbish & it's not important.

A few days ago, when I was going to have a nice, refreshing shower in my parent's bathroom which is where I always use. I always puts my clothes in a bucket or something like that, not those long one, but yeah, & hook it to the back of the door, (there's a few hooks there.) It's kind of a daily routine. But on that particular stupid fateful day, after I hooked the bucket, there was this black black thing which flew down immediately on me, my uniform, above my chest. a goddamn cockroach! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! It FLIES! & so freaking big that it's like, a grandpa cockroach. Brrrr. So of cos, my 1st reaction was to SCREAM & hit the grandpa roach out of any surface of my body. & I hit it. I HIT it. Hit = Touched. OMG, it's so huge lah! Shit man! I practically screamed like a mad woman & I think mum thought someone was in there molested me or something. Grrrr. & after that, I went to the kitchen's toilet to bathe instead. The worst part is, I just realised there's another cockroach there! yes, JUST. This time there's no more 'bucket' so I just hook the towel on the door. & that's when I was a cockroach, CLIMBING toward my hand, at the door. WTH?! & I sniffled my girlish scream cos everyone's asleep. Omg, plus, I already LOCKED the door, & it's at the door. ^&$*^$@^%^!^$%! I strained my eyes to try to see where is it, & roughly made out this black thingy behind the edge of the door. (It's metal, so got alot of gaps & such.) I think it 'saw' me looking at it, & it actually MOVED IN. Like, totally hides it's body! I swear i saw it moved. Omg, cockroaches are this clever? :/ Now I'm more afraid of them. Shit. I really hoped that the cockroaches are not having a DARE of scaring someone & making her scream. & maybe their rewards are the garbage. LOL.  Jiawei say this is the Insect Month. Cos people around her keeps getting alot of insect trouble. Jiawei ate laksa with a baby cockroach inside. OMFG. Plus, she already act like, almost finish already. *Urgh* I'm scared of toilets now.

Okay! Sorry I rant so much, really cannot tahan! Now, back to the main subject.
AKA, Farah's concert. LOL.
Went home & changed, got a few problems, but in the end met up with Cherry, Michelle, & Pamela.
Went to Clementi Shopping Centre(?) & eat the the the Mos Burger.
Just realise MOS stands for Mountain Ocean Sun.
Dunno is it true anot, cos the Mos Burger wall got these 3 things. Oh well.

Pamela helped me buy! I only had $4+, so i think she helped me pay some.
Shall return her like, maybe $1.50? Cos no receipt.
Don't get me wrong, Pamela not that gei gao one.
It's I insist. If not very bad mah. Thanks Pamela!

You know ah, boarding on MRT with Cherry, Pamela & Michelle is NEVER boring.
They're really damn funny & crazy lah! God!

So we reached, & concert time! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
You know ah, when they start to play the 1st note, it's like, this band is no joke man. (Duh).
Damn in tune & such lah! Plus, got alot violins & cello, double bass.
Even though clarinet only got 3, but they're all very loud & has rich tone.
Got harp somemore!
They really can play for those 'background' music for animes or dramas or such.
When I close my eyes I can actually feel the music! Like, images started pop-ing out.. Woo.

Oh yah! When we applause, there was this guy sitting around 2 rows infront.
He was like, "Hooray!" (w/ clenched fist, arm rising).
Sometimes even "Bravo!". & repeated alot of times.
He clap till very funny also. Ahem, bad. HAHA.
Okay lah, at least it shows that people appreciates music! HOHOx.

Okay, stop crapping & now the pictures. Only has a bit though.

Yes I'm wearing a dress. I think I look fat.
Or maybe my photography skills just SUCKS.


Okay. We were talking about something about emo, 
So here's Cherry being 'emo'! 

Cherry looks like country girl, right? Harvest Moon. HAHA.

My teeth looks yellow. Heck.

Sorry, BLUR. Some people wasn't here yet, so yeah.

Shhhh, it wasn't allowed, but HAHA.

Okay! Shall sleep early. Even though it's not early anymore. Whateverrrrrr.
Ohyah! I found someone who is willing to teach me, & I can really trusts her. :D
Since I know her from ---- mah.
She know that my parents doesn't wanna pay for tuition, so she say she's willing to help me!
So considerate & kind of her. (:
Let's just hope it won't be awkward & that she won't be wasting her time one me.
I shall work HARD.
We're meeting next tuesday! Woooo, excited.
Then maybe shall just tuition for Chemistry. One sub should be okay for my parents to pay? '-'

Stupid cockroaches. Shoo.


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