Hi poople!
1st of all, people says they like my posts!
Ohmygawd. Really? You sure??
Kind of my first time leh, my virginity! LOL.
Gees, now I'm worried that my posts won't be interesting. :/
Well, I do hope if people likes my posts they will click the 'like' button down there.
& Click on my nuffnang too!
Okay, I'm new to this & don't exactly know how & what.
But, it seems that must click or something.

Ohyeah, since I slept at 3am ytd, due to my itchy hand on-ing the comp & forget the time,
I practically fall asleep at every little time when we're doing nothing.
I slept during reading period.
When teacher doing experiments during chemistry.
& of cos, MATH. & his accents doesn't help. :/
I even slept during the period of 2pm to 2.45pm, waiting for fall-in.
The sec ones thought I emo-ing sia!

Okay, enough crapping.
Look at this!

Can see clearly? No? Okay, *ZOOM.

Hahhaa! Cherry is damn cute + funny right!
Plus she really has excellent vocab, I'm jealous. Jealous. Jeaaaaaaaalous.

Okay I'm random, BUT YEAH! 
Soundscape group picture! Wooooo.
Thanks Hanky, Henky? Hankey? Henkey? For becoming our photographer that day & took this picture. :D

By the way.
Wanna ask this question.
Will you write a letter of apology to someone with a GRAPH PAPER?
Does it seem sincere to you?
& hell, I'm sick of being a toy.
When you don't need me, you threw me around like a toy & take me as a joke.
When you have no friends around you, you start to say 'sorry' and shit.
Didn't you referred me as a CASTLE with no freedom?
What no matter who glamorous it may look outside, 
There's no freedom and warmth & shit.
& what, a CAVE might be scary outside but inside is safe whatever crap.
You chose the CAVE.
It doesn't mean you can just go into the CASTLE whenever you want.
If you insist it this way. 
Yeah come, treat me as a 'CASTLE' with no love & say whatever you want.
Since you speak ill of the castle and criticise it, 
Why should you even try to come back in?
Get real, I won't be a fool again & again.

Alright, shall go offline now. Sleeping soon to make up ytd's sleep.
AHHHHHHH! Tmr got math test! & I haven't study.What is this?!
Okay, tmr reading period will read the notes.

Butt Cramp.


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