Anime here I come!

One big loving family. I'm glad I'm part of them.

Sis wanted to watch 'Despicable Me' but in the end she put me areoplane. Again.
I KNEW IT. She always does it. :/ 
I wanna watch that movie!

Anyway, since the main events are over for the main band,
I shall start to focus on my studies more.
Going to find tuition center with Jiawei tmr! 
The one that I used to go when I was still in Primary school.
I'll need help in Chemistry, E & A-math.
Hope they're effective! Of cos, I must work hard too.

Damn, I must seem like a crazy Band Freak & Study Idiot.
But I love life like this. 
Better then getting controlled, used by mother-fucking 'boyfs' & 'friends'. 
(Which is what my sis is going through now).
Someone once told me that there are no other better friends then people in band.
I totally agree. 

& hell yeah! I'm gonna start watching animes again!
Must continue my Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood! 
Think left the last 3 episodes. Can't wait lah!
& maybe watch the Rock Baby introduced by Heri.
So long since he introduced it to me lah! XD
Promised I'll watch, so yeah. (:

Oh yeah, tmr need to print the english thingy. Musn't forget!
Family's in a mess.

Anime, study, harvest moon!


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