Hi poople! I'm sick.
Hahaha, my immune system broke down 1 day ago.
But oh well! I have got people who's around me who cares!

Thanks Deddy & Rosanna for accompanying me to go take the form for going home early!
Liwey for giving me a packet of tissue. XD
Syazwani for helping me to keep track of homework & stuff. :D
Michelle, Cherry, Syafawani, Ferah, Jeremy, Samantha & Jiawei for telling me to take care.
& Syazwani, Philomena, Syafiqah, Deddy, Rosanna they all too!
MrLim for tapping me on the shoulder, somehow giving me encouragement?
& he today tell me 不要喝冷水啊. (Don't drink cold water).
Like, so, PAPA!
Thank you all so much!

Didn't go for school, but go for band, BIAS CAN.
But then this sat is like, the NBC already. Super fast can! Like, 3 more days.
So cannot miss any band practise!
I still got so much to improve on. Tone still sucks like hell. Not much expression.

Tomorrow's my turn for the speech. Damn I'm so worried!
Because I didn't go to school, I missed out my turn.
I'm like one of the few people who will say the speech.
Ahhhhh! I dowan lahhhhh!
Will scared ley. Damn, just get it over with manzxzxz!

I haven't been watching any animes. ):
Sad like hell. & I want to go out! Sick of staying at home everyday.
I wanna get clothes. But I dunno what kind suits me. :/
If only got some professional can help me 搭配.
HAHA. Think too much.

I keep spoiling stuff this few days.
1st, my psp charger. Cos, it's stuck mah! So I pull lo, Then *PICHAK*.
I tried to fix back! Initially can one, then in the end I buy new one.
2nd, psp's memory stick, 2gb one.
I wanted to transfer something to that so can lend Jiawei.
In the end push too hard, then *BENT.*
Omg! But still can detect ley. But sometimes can't.
Walao, I damn violent right. Cannot slowly slowly one luh.

Shall go sleep now!
I want a camera. 

Must 加油 ah!


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