Getting stressed.

Hi poople!
Okay, I'm already getting lots of homework. Which was what I wanted!
The thing is, I have no time to practise at home cos I have to complete my homeworks.
See, if I got homework, even if it's due next week, I have to do finish them.
I can't seems to stop after I start. Is it a good thing? :/

Anyway, I also have to give up harvest moon liao. Too tired to play. ):
Band, study, band, study.
Term 3 resolution! Don't copy work already! Must ask! (Try lah.)

Chinese lesson, cher told us about 背影. (Backviews).
So he told us to go home, & look at our parent's back view.
Find out the difference of looking at them front view & their back view.
I tried. & I teared.
They look so... Tired.
It's like they always tried their best, for us.

Ohyeah, MrLim's sick. he uses hanky! Cute.
Get well soon MrLim!

Hmms, why should I be afraid eh?
I didn't chose it, & I don't think we even did anything wrong.
I'm so not gonna run away.
Face it man. Get everything right in case it really goes wrong.

Life's a bitch.


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