Jiayou SWO!

This is interesting!

A bit draggy, but yeah, interesting!

Tmr's National Band Competition! AKA NBC.
I don't think we're ready yet. 
But we gotta give in our best shot!
We just gotta make use of what we have learnt. :D

This is by ZhengJie's twitter.
Gold : 90.00& and above
Silver : 80.00%-89.99% 
Bronze : 70.00%-79.99% 
Certificate : Below 70.00%

It's scary lah! God. Hope we can do well. 
We gotta strive! For greater heights.
Haha, school motto. 

By the way, MrLim told us that for RI & such, Monday is a school holiday.
Cos got World Cup Finals mah, then it's on Sunday, so Monday no school.
Hellllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo! Girls also got watch World Cup what! 
Right right?!?! But I don't lah. HAHA.
I just want the holiday. Good lo, Heri's school also got. Hwa Chong International School.
(I go asked him what school he from. LOLOLOL.)
Gah. I want sleep. HAHAHA.
Maybe MrTan don't watch World Cup, that's why hor?
Someone! Go make him addict to Soccer! 
Next year maybe our turn. :D

Gonna get tuition teacher for A-math, E-math, & Chemistry!
Desperately. Darn.

& Thanks to Heri Kusmama, I finally know got this school call Hwa Chong International School.
And that it's different from Hwa Chong Instituition. (I thought he in here sia. ALL ALONG.)
Yes, I'm slow. *Smiles*

Okok, shall sleep now. Tmr NBC ley, still over here blog. Tsk.
Shall play Harvest Moon before I sleep. LOL.
I'm contradicting myself. Weeeeeeeee.

We can do it, SWO!


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