Hi poople! Guess whatttttt!

With that honour! Honour!
Omg, I really still find it hard to believe it man.
I hope MrLim is proud of us. (:

Seriously, I was at Jiawei's house waiting for the results while we play HM.
& when we heard that, we JUMPED AROUND.
It was so unexpected!
At 1st it was just gold.
Then it was a mistake, & GWH!
We jumped around again. LOL.
We're so so so so so so sooooooo happy & proud of our band!
I wanna see the comments. :O

Check this out!
Afiq send me the URL one!
The results for NBC.

I mean, seriously.
Our band has only FOUR clarinettist!
I do hope we can be heard.
& it really was like, just MrLim & us.
I didn't even think about the surroundings. ^^
& the last note! I think I saw MrLim smile. Weeeet!

Called MsChang & told her the news, she was like, "恭喜恭喜!"
Hehehe, can feel that she's happy for us. Thankyou MsChang!

SWO, our efforts did paid off.
All the staying back after school everyday, & such.
(& Howie pinning up her fringe during the performance! HA.)
This proves that as long as we WORK HARD, we will get our desired goal.
& of cos, the fact that we can get GWH, means that we really improve.
But we shouldn't let ourselves get proud & such.
There's still lots & lots of room for improvement!
Aim for much higher standards!
Don't let this get into your head & thought we're the greatest.
We should be HUMBLE. Bumble. Bee. Ha.
Yes, be proud, but don't go overboard.
Jump around like me! :D
Jiayou SWO! 

& of cos, the teachers, Ms Sunarti, Ms Lim, Ms fang, Mdm Kurusami & Mr Ong.
For making this event possible! If it wasn't for them, we won't even have the chance!
& Mr Lim, Ms Jama, who teached us patiently, Ms Chang too!
Thankyou teachers!

Next upcoming event is......... Sec 1 concert!
Can study with ease, Must teach sec 1s. Woo.
Then SYF! God, must work hard for that.
SYF like completely different from NBC can?!

Oh yeah, please visit Howie's blog.
For our Soundscape PICTURES! Wooooooooooo! (Friday, July 9, 2010)

Saw this pretty sunrise in the morning. 
Samantha & I was like, "So nice! Good omen." MAYBE AH!

Eunice & Samantha's smelly butts. 

Our brunchhhh. Lee Brothers again. Bee Hoon.

Our sec 1 boys eating while standing, TOGETHER! Bonding eh.

MsJama emo, eat alone. 

Afiq: Open the door lah!
On the LAH I snapped this picture. Woo.

SWO tubist can be weird.

After performance already, the brasses's bus. 
So high class hor, still got SHUQUN SECONDARY SCHOOL there.

She was sitting in a very Ah Beng way. but can't see properly..

The Powerful Jiawei who can SLEEP at anyplace, anytime, anywhere!

Well done, & continue to strive, SWO!


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