Okay, while waiting for the stupid pictures to load, I actually did finish my work! 
Seriously, blogger should get the photos to load faster! 

Okay 1st, I'm in my parent's room with the luxurious air-conditioner.
Which is like, just nice, not as chilled as the band room.
I'm gonna have a good night sleep today. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2nd, I'm being paranoid about cockroaches after that incident!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look at July 14's 2nd post,
The blue highlighted part. It long & tedious, just so you know.
After that right, I became more jumpy then ever.
In the morning, I will look closely at the floors.
& when I sees a black black thing, I'll just JUMPED.
Stupid right!
When I brushes my teeth, I'll imagine a cockroach going to drop on my head,
Or crawl up my legs.
When I'm gonna wear school shoes, 
I'm worried that a cockroach might be inside. 
I'm like a coward now lah. 

3rd. I screwed up my E-math test.

4th, my math 'tutor' has very nice parents.
Went to her house & have tuition.
Her dad actually cooks, & her parents was like, 'Join us for dinner?'
Wow. So friendly! How long has it been since my dad cooked? :/
Plus, I like her room! 
It's reaaaaaaaaaaally quiet. Peaceful. Soothing. Relaxing. Enjo- okay enough.
& she's really patient with me, even though I'm slow & keep forgetting about things.
She's just the kind of tutor I wants!
Plus, she doesn't want me to pay her cos she know my parents doesn't wants to pay for tuition.
She's really so kind.
Thankyou -ic--ll-n-! :D 


This is my school. & it's flooding. Ewww.
Farah: That time Orchard, now Shuqun!
Wow. I guess all the FAMOUS places are flooding ah? 
Translation: Shuqun is famous! LOLOLOLOL. I'm lame. 

Evil right.
Samantha tied my hair. Or I should say, fringe.
Look at how many hands I've got! Wow-ness.

Kenneth was doing something only weird & nothing-better-to-do people would do.
He squeeeeeeeezeed lots of honeydew inside his mouth.
I poked his mouth & juice actually comes out!
Ewwww lah.

"Wait wait! They're coming out!"

Sammi's unglam-random-ness.

Oh my! Michelle's giving me that look!
The 'move eyebrows' look.

Kendrick looks kinda cute here!
Chubby, like, HAMSTER. 
*Imaginary sunflower seeds in his cheeks*

I still keep calling her Rachel instead of Felicia. :O
Look at samantha!

Flooding part 2.
Reminds me to Indonesia's seawater. LOLOL.

OTW to IMM for excos meeting today.
Yes, I look fat & my camera skills sucks. :D

Ate at 'Secret Recipes' today & saw Shee Yee!
Wow, she served us, & keep tickling me. Grr.

Oh yeah oh yeah! MsJame treated us dinner at Secret Recipes. (Excos meeting.)
The cheapest meal is like, $11.90 lah!
Okay, let's estimate that all the meals we eat costs $11.90
So, $11.90 x 6 = $71.40 OMFG.
Plus, she still bought desserts! Oh shit.
I guess that's why she doesn't want the $4 I offered. ): (I only left $4 '-')
It's like so frigging expensive!

Shall sleep soon! Goodnight poopies.

余欣满! 加油加油加油!


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