Soundscapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ♥

Soundscape ended!
Seriously, today was damn fun, even though tiring.

Early morning went to meet the Horn Section for the dance thingy.
Talked, chit chat, practised.
Then lunch, then moving the instruments up to the buses & van.
We were lateeeeeeeee!
Rushed to move the instruments & such.
Then rehearsal!
Ate & changed & tuned.

THEN -suddenly- IT WAS TIME.
It really seems this fast. Gosh.

So 1st, Piccolo March. Was kinda okay! Gave me a jumpy feeling.

Then it was Variations & Theme, Jiawei's solo, NOT BAD ALSO LUH!
Good Job Jiaweiiiiii!

Then I dreamed a dream, Lazel vocal.
When she sing everyone starts to clap & such! I felt myself smiling. x)

& then it was Pavane, Jiawei & my duet. :/
I didn't squeak, but didn't do what I needed to do more. ):
My tone sucks too.
MrLim & Jiawei was like, both comforting/encouraging me, & rubbing my back!
Feel so touched! MR LIM LEHHHHHH!
But well, it's over now, & nothing can be done, at least I got the chance to feel my leg shake on stage. :D

Orient express! We managed to get though everything!
Mistakes here & there, but everything was okay! I'm so so so glad.

After interval is Percussion ensemble!
1st piece, Oye como va! (Now you know what it was.)
We got ready during the interval.
Here goes the performance which we (Cherry, Michelle, Elisha, Farah, Wani & I) planned & practised for only 2 days.
But it was kinda successful! Audience wasn't that enthusiasic though.
& stage was squeezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
My 'solo' part, I didn't even have a stable pose.
I just kinda created it right on the spot!
Seems it wasn't bad. Heri said I was awesomeeeee~ Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
Oh yeah, Heri got attracted by Cherry! He said she was SEXAYYYY! WhoooO! Intro want? XD
Amiirul didnt do the "Muacks" sound effect for us, & it was messy. Sad.

& then another Percussion ensemble, then it's the clarinet quintet!
They're really darn pro lah, tone, and such.
If only I had HALF of their skills. :/
GREAT JOB GUYS! Mesmerised.

& it was the SEC 1's turn!
Oh my, they were really great! Good jobs our SWO babies!
MsJama confirm would be VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL!
Swo has a bright future ahead of us, Hooooraayyyy!

Then it was Joe Hisaishi Works 3, then Samba de loves you.
Hehehehe, I think we did great in Samba. :D

Then of cos, our encore song! Soran Bushiiiiii~
Teeeheeee, Sec 1s, Amiirul, Farhan, Afiq & Wedding danced!
I think we really enjoyed ourselves by then, XD

Didn't took photos!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR.
1st, phone with Victoria.
2nd, the people keeps rushing us. Sighs.
& when we had to being our stuff down, I 'lost' my file, then another bag of mine, THEN reed case.
I keep losing thing! But was eventually found! *Phew*.
It really was like, CHAOS. Everything was in a mess,
& people who help others to take things forgot who they took 'em from, (me). Or Vice Versa.
& now, my black shoe is gone too, somebody mistook mine as theirs & took 'em.
What is this man! Why am I losing things?!?

Oh well! & there goes our concert! ):
The last concert with our sec 4s. I know they enjoyed themselves.
I you guys!
Come back when you feel like it! We'll welcome you with open armpits. :D

& MrLim and MsJama actually bought for us BEN&JERRY'S!
He bought ALOT ALOT ALOT, & tell us to share. RICH MAN!
& he like, like, our own SWO father! x)

Well then.
Giving out.......

-MrLim, for being our conductor & doing so many things for us, never giving us up, encouraging me,
& bought for us Ben & Jerry's with MsJama!

-MsJama who help us to continue our generation by teaching the sec 1s!

-MrOng, MsLim, MsFang, MdmKurusamy, MsSunarti, for making Soundscape a successful one,
& making it part of our life!

-The EXCOs, for making everything flows on in an orderly manner.

-The Tutors, especially MsChang, for teaching us & helping us to learn. She gave us COLLON biscuit too!

-MsLoh for coming! We really appreciates it! & I miss you so so so much!

-Jiawei for encouraging me & telling me it's OH-KAY 的! :D

-The Guest players, Samantha, Candice, SinSiew, Kimberly & SanZhi, for helping out with our concert!
We appreciate it, & we're glad to know you!

-Ruby & her gang for being a part of Soundscape. :D

-My Mum, Dad, Aunt & Cousin who actually came to my concert. 1st time!

-Michelle, Farah, Elisha, Wani & Cherry! For being such splendid dancers & really helped out in everything!
We really worked together, & everyone did everything!

-ZhengJie, for coming to our concert & bought for me FERRERO ROCHER! I heart 'em!

-Wayne, for buying the tickets from me, & cried out '好!' for alot of times! (Even though I didn't heard it. XD)

-Heri Kusmama who came & sit right at the front and stare at us. & keep telling me Cherry is sexy!

-Rosanna, Syazwani, Deddy, Ashwin, Edmund, Felicia, Syafiqah. (tell me if I left anyone out.) Who came, & support!
& helped us to usher people in!

-The people who shouted my name! (My 1st time! Guess was Deddy they all.) Made my heart tinglish!

-MeiJuan, MeiXuan & LiWey who came because of me! (I hope,)

-Cheah Hee & Lee Hoe & JJC people who came & support us & gave me a ROSE!!
(Lee Hoe gave it to me one! & it's bent and broked & lost due to the chaos. Sorry!)

-HuaiYue for giving Clarinet Sections FERRERO ROCHER & encouraging us!

-SY & the alumnis who came to the concert!

-Crystal for giving me the letter & sweet.

-Syafiqah for the creative bookmark(?).

-& of course, SWO for their HARD WORK!

Did I miss out anybody? I HOPE NOTTTT!
Oh yeah, I like both Wayne & Heri's shirt. Niceeee.
& it really was devastating, not being able to take pictures.
I wanted to take picture wth all of the above whom I thanked!
& wanted to drag SanZhi & ZhengJie to come other people house?
But didn't have the chance to, only a few.
& to think I was sooooo handsome today. Darn.

Tmr I'll take the little bit of pictures from people.
Will upload tmr! Promise promise!

Oh yeahh!
Anyone who video-ed our concert please please please send to me via msn!!

Sorry for the long post, doubt people will read anyways. :D
Just for my own memories, Cause I have a BAD one.

Soundscape #1, SUCCESS!


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