Soundscape Pictures!

Weeeeeeeee. I woke up late today! :D
But only can do that for 3 more days. Thursday band resume.
Like, HUH. Immediately after concert got competition! OMG!
I haven't do any of my homework. :/
The stupid photo essay! I should start tomorrow. *Sighs*.
What can I do in 3 days? ):

Anyway! Pictures! Nobody tagged my face in FB yet, so only got a few of the pictures BEFORE concert.
So yeah, will upload when someone tagged me. Even though got darn little. ):


The OOH!

Oye como va! The cards.

We're really hardworking people.

Heriiii! This is Cherry! :D

Heri, Michelle also darn pretty hor. Regret quitting band? Heee.

Faraaahhhhhh! We'll miss you.

Nice Paper Bag, Victoria!

Wani! Actually I dontknow how to spell her real name. Hmms, Syafawani?

As I've said, we're hardworking people, early in the morning somemore. :)

Shocked that I have long hair? :D It's my sis one lah. Clip clip.

Hehehh, I look disgustingly "sexy" huh.

Hahaha! Howie with brown long hair!

Omg, he like those people who wants to act rocker. HAHAHAH.

Opps, BLUR. Sorry!

Look carefully you'll see Howie's brown-dyed pubic hair. :D

M for Michelle!

2 Os for Oo Xin Man!

& you'll get MO! :D

Victoria made for me one! Look at those huge fugly eyebags of mine. :/

Karate kid!

So yeah, as you can see.
After band practise, Jiawei & I went to watch KARATE KID!
We were practically rushing!
& we had to sit the 2nd row from the front.
My 1st ever experience! :D
Really, you guys should watch it when you're freeeee!
It really made my heart pumps.
& we were really EXCITED! Jiawei cried alot of times! She's weird, I know.

Right, so I only have some pictures of AFTER the concert, but yeah.

My dearest dearest Clarinet Section! Heeee, glad that you all join band! Stay cute & stay in band!
Was anyone missing??

Richard! Flute junior! Omg, you know ah, when he take flute, like so HANDSOME!
He's scared of me now I guess, SAD!
& he's quite gentleman. He'll make a great Boyf! Any girls want to know him? Hohohoo!
& I look so shag here. :/

Favourite Juniorrrr!

MrLim & MsJama bought for us one! ALOT RIGHT!
& before I took the picture, Amiirul took 2 out. Imagine that! Gosh!
We the both of you!

Done! Will update when there's more picture!

I totally ♥ SWO!


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