Phew. P.O.P just ended. 
I'm gonna miss the sec 4s!
But they'll still be here till competition, so still can see them! :D
Oh yeah, MrLim praised us today! Good job SWO! 

Gah, I'm so tired. But I can't sleep in the afternoon. Don't know why.
Tmr is the last day of holiday. Homework undone. :/
Still got chinese! Bull shit man.
It's like we don't even get to SLEEP properly. ):
But well, enjoyed band practices!

This was drawn by ZhengJie.
.. Creative!
I also want know next year how. Maybe botak? LOL LAH.
Thanks ZhengJie for the card!
& oh, Avi for the tibits & letter too!
Hahahaa, 'Respect seniors uh'. she wrote that on the junior cards.

Oh well. Shall rest.

I should ignore people's comments.


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