Ah, tired.

3 more days & June holiday is over!
Have you all done your homework? I NEVER DO ALOT. 
Darn. wrote finish the speech thingy just now at mac though.
With Cherry, Pamela & Alexandra.
They keep talking about korean idols! I didn't know anyone,
But guess what, it doesn't feel awkward. :D
OMG! I miss Alex! I want her to come back band man. 
It's been so lonely there.
But MrLim confirm will suan her one. One of the things that's holding her back.

Ohyah ohyahhhhhh!
MrLim uses 霸王 shampoo!
Jacky Chan. :D
Ahhahahahahaaaa! Band was quite fun today.

Sighs, tmr need to wake up at 5.30am.
Need to reach school by 6.15am.
Like, wth... Need to go Pierce for rehearsal.
Then sat is POP. So, 5.30am again luh. 
I hope I won't be late again lah.
I dowan to be late manzxzxzxzx.
Must sleep early! Must must must!

Okay, my 'to-do' list, before i forgot. (stupid memory).

  • Do finish homework.
  • Give teacher the the.. Envelope.
  • Return Wedding pad!
  • I still owe Jiawei $3.60 & Kimberly $0.50. 
That's about it I guess. 
& wow, my blog is really so boring that nobody comes eh?
Tagboard empty. Won't anyone tag?

Okay, going to do the asshole reflection for photo essay,
Since I'm online, can research.

Holiday? I don't think I had any.


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