1st day of school, Term 3(?).

Today's the 1st day of term 3! (Keep saying 1st day of school.)
History 1st period!
Miss MrOng's teaching can! Super funny, even w/o preparing for anything.
I just  history, but I don't think I did well in that. Oh well.

Oh yah, canteen stall changed sia.
Changed till like, buffet like that, you point, vendor take.
Then walk one round go counter pay. Wow.
Food still sucky though. :X
Ahhhhh, cannot complain! Got things eat 很好了! :/

Math. Mr Gopal.
Took a few mins to get used to his accent.
He's a bit. Weird.
But overall okay, I'm able to understand what he's saying!
He's taking it slow & easy, so we could understand him. Considerate eh.
Hope my math will improve this time round!
I want lots of math homework! Must 逼我做功课!

Btw. I need to re-do my speech. I wrote on the wrong topic. 
How clever of me. :/
& I never do DnT homework during the hols! Totally forgot.

After school, went to bought some pens & shitzxz to update my pencil case.
Went to THREE bookstores to get what I want. -.-
Must do everything properly mah!

I did finish ALL MY HOMEWORK just now.
YES. The re-do speech. Idiot chemistry (Thanks Tiffany). Chinese,  (Thanks Mei Xuan).
Also the DnT which is due tmr!
I think teacher know we confirm never do, so do slowly, together. LOL.
I even do finish the troublesome chinese newspaper cutting. Whoa.

Tomorrow got band. How am i suppose to survive. :/

ETUDE SIA! (By Cherry & Syafawani.) 


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