Omg, I plugged in the plug, & I heard a 'POP'. 

Anyway, HI!
Long time never posted eh? Let's see... 5 days? Ahahaha!
Using the lousy & laggy computer my dad switched. 
UNFAIR! I mean, he gave me the lousy one. 
& for goodness sake! He told me not to DL rubbish stuff to the laptops,
But this laptop has WAY TOO MUCH RUBBISH. (For me.)
I mean, I don't even use them, & it's covering all of the desktop. 
Can I delete 'em? :/

I cut my hair again. 
Hahahaha, even though there's nothing to cut, 
But you know, the person there cut till like #$@%!$#%#!
So I have to re-cut it again.
Good base then will grow nicer what, tahan luh.
I think I'll look better with specs with this hair-cut, course EMPTY.
Okay! Tmr shall wear specs to band!

Talking about band, tmr we're doing homework together! 
Should be as a band, MsJama tell us to bring our homeworks. :D
Yay! Everyone doing homework, I will determine to do them one!
& when I start, I cannot stop. Weeeeeeeeee! Kinda looking forward to it.

Oh, & My sis & I watched...... *Drum Roll*.
Toy Story 3!
It's damn nice, my sis & I actually, CRIED.
Go watch!

& this comp isn't as lag as it was before! (although got alot rubbish popping out.)
Wonder why? 
& I liked this keypad, & realise I still do now.
Wahahahah! Positve!

PS: Bass clarinet is super duper large/bulky & heavy. & Smelly. (Case). 


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