June holiday! -START-

June holiday is here!
& all I've got is piles of homework to be done in between band practices.
Not that I don't like band practise.
I just hate waking up early when I could have more sleep. ):

Ticket sales is f-ing SLOW.
So I'm here to advertise!
(Not that alot people will notice, well, at least I did did something!)
Shuqun Wind Orchestra;


12 June 2010.
Victoria concert Hall. 7.30p.m.
Ticket cost $12.
If you're interested, Contact me at: doubleoxm@hotmail.com or leave a tag!

Hope I do get some replies!

MrLim was in a good mood today!
It was fun!
How long ago since MrLim cracked joked with us? (I guess not so long ago, but well, seems like years to me.)
& we finally can go through Orient Express whole song!
Still have room for improvement though, JIAYOU SWO!
& yah, was kinda satisfied with my tone today.
I wonder did i really improve or just imagination?
Must maintain it!!

I need to work hard on the duetttt!
I'm worried I have stage fright,
Cause I never had to stand infront of an audience / played a solo.
Anxious and delighted at the same time!

Alright, off to highlight the dynamic markings, Goodbye Poops!


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