I'm broke & I need money.

How she Went to simei w/ Jiawei today to do something!
Woke up at 4pm, and almost late.
That's what you get when you sleep at 6am in the morning!
I behave just like a pig! Gosh. *Oink!*

Bytheway, I really want to get some clothes, just, t-shirts or what.
It's like, everyday same t-shirt and pants.
Getting so bored of my closet.
Plus, I'm broke, how am I suppose to get t-shirts?

On the way home from Simei, we listened to the songs we're playing while following the scores!
(I brought scores cause I was in a rush & didn't took my file out. *Stupid*)
By the time we reached JEC, we went through most songs and some other band songs too.
It's like going through a "concert" in MRT.
The trip from JEC to Simei & vice versa can actually equal to going to 2 concert!

Oh, and, Jiawei intro this song to me in the MRT!

Yurima - Kiss The Rain.
This is a really nice song, the feeling listening to it, you just can't explain it!

& this, introduced by Jiawei again,

Yurima - River Flows In You.
Yet another beautiful piece from Yurima.
Gosh. I'm really amazed.
If I have the chance to learn piano I would learn these two piece!!

Ohhh, note to self:
  1. Get reeds and cork grease from MsChang on tuesday.
  2. Find some way to get valve oil!
  3. Save $$$!!
  4. Sell more tickets.
  5. Do homeworks. *Urghhhh*
  6. Get $10 from dad(!!).
  7. Buy chocolate rice~

Okay, there's more, will update when I remembered!
(Bad memory.)



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