I want! :/

Omg, Avi just send me a message send by Victoria!
Hey section leaders! Competition & Concert coming up.
Ask your members if they want to buy tuners.
Tuners at $20.
Tuners with metronomes at $35.
Get me back asap!
Mr Lim wants the reply.
Omg. I WANT!
It's so effing cheap you know!!!
Arghh, but my parents won't allow me to spend money on such things.
They will say, "If don't really need then don't buy lah, okay?"
If only I could use my own money!
But I'm already short of cash. Damn.
I want the metronome. :/

& did I ever mention that I think my family is cursed?
I mean, take at look at my mum! *Zoom*
She don't really have any good friends I know of.
& my sis! *Change camera*
She, too, hasn't got many friends now.
& now, ME!
Hahahhaa, I guess same fate eh!
Stick together the best. LMAO.

Alright, going to practise my clarinet later, with no metronome. ):

I need money.


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