Short update! Not.

YES I AM BACK. After months(?) of being MIA in the cyber world. Reason being my laptop was spoilt. Somehow. While I was blogging about Taehee coming back, it's halfway done and I promise I will complete it. I swear with my toes.

And I didn't have the time to post anyway because I am so freaking busy even though I'm waiting for poly and it's supposed to be a longggggg holiday for me (which I won't get anytime soon) and I'm busy doing god knows what and make myself tired almost everyday. Stupid eh.

So why am I back now? Good question. (Pardon me for talking to 

Because..... *imaginary drumroll*

I got my MacBook Pro today! 

The fact that I have a MacBook is slowing starting sinking in. Yes I am slow. Probably because I'm too tired to be overwhelmed with happiness which is actually pretty sad... Considering that well this shit is EXPENSIVE ($2088) and I finally got my own personal laptop (the one I used was my dad's and it was so darn small) 

This is the company that were there to umm serve us? Hah.

In the box!

And I really like this (it was in the user guidebook or smth):

Oh wow hi.


Hahahaha omg so cute.

Oh and I can finally use the super advanced birthday present Siangyee gave me! 
Apparently her school's (SP) popular was selling super chio Macbook covers. 
And she bought one for Siangjoo but in the end can't fit. 
So she gave to me instead as she knows my course needs a Macbook.


See still got the price tag. 
Wah now make me stress ley what to give them for their birthday present! 

So well yeah, I'm as happy as a little girl having a unicorn toy for Christmas. Except that I didn't, and never had a unicorn toy. And I don't even celebrate Christmas. Why did I say that anyway?

OKAY. So, I'm gonna post some Instagram photos cause I don't know where to start talking about what I did. Just elaborate a bit from there I guess. 

Class outing! @ East Coast Park. 
Thing is less than half the class came hahaha.
We played in the sea. And ate Burger King together. It sounds boring eh but trust me it isn't! 
Had so much fun!
Bowling afterwards and I spammed Philomena's DSLR.
I only Instagrammed (I don't think there's this word but now there is BECAUSE I SAY SO HAHA) pictures of them with me though. 
Cause I'm a selfish idiot woo.

One of ma love~

Owner of the DSLR.
She may be going overseas to study.. ): 
Will definitely miss her. Sigh.

LOSANNA! (Rosanna)

Philemon and his serious face hahahahaa

Ashwin and I!

AH PRERITA! (Prerit)

Let me explain that.
While we were on our way home, on our way to the MRT station,
I forgotten who started it but one of us started to so called 'rap' SOYA MILK. 
Before that we were already high. And reason for SOYA MILK cause Ashwin was drinking one hahaha!
Wow this would be one of those memories I wouldn't want to forget. 




Really like this picture!

Gonna set this as my DP someday. 
The contrast like not bad hor. 
(Lol I'm like so not humble praising myself like that)

All the guys are really getting taller and taller especially Orlando here...

Picture with the bowling ball.
Though I didn't played hahahahahahahhaa.

Ah yes I like the ball.

Never play also must act got play otherwise come here wasted hehe.

Not bad ah I still can pose for the picture hohohohoho.



Liked this picture so I edited too anyway. 
For Ashwin's new DP BUT HE NEVER USE I SAD.

Omg their epic faces!



The next day after this 4C'11 outing, was the Alumni lunch. So met them again!

Uncle soon!!!
He's like the school's...caretaker?
The only picture I have with him!

4C'11! Part of them.
The same people who went the outing 'yesterday'.. except for Edward.

With Mr Low!
All of us were taught by him!

Ms Tan joined in too with our new principal!

Little Maestros performance @ Artist Academy (AA)! 
I performed with the children in EMI too cause they didn't have enough kids to play the handbells.
Oh EMI = Expression Music International.
Where we teach children age 3-5 music, starting from the very very basics.
Where I always go to their lesson, training to be a Teacher's Assistant (TA).
Though being there only when they've already gone though like 10+ lessons....
I guess I'm not really acknowledged by the kids hahaha.

Okay so I'm also having guitar lessons, this Sunday would be my 4th time.
So the place where I learn guitar from is @ Bras Basar.
And last Sunday I suppose, had a book fair.
I bought all of the books above there, 13 of them costing only $45!
I used the money I saved but WHY NOT RIGHT.
It's really cheap and it's not a everyday thing!
Never regret, cause most of the books above are those I wanted to collect for a very long time.
Since I can buy them now why not?!
Bought Archies for my sister too. ^^

On the tuesday of this week, met up with Cally, Xinwan, Pamela and Teresa @ the library.
(Before going to SQ band to help) 
And I was watching this korean variety show in the room with Pamela when Cally rushed in with this Pandan cake!
Cause my birthday is coming and they're celebrating with me earlier in case I'm busy...
They knew I don't really fancy creamy cakes since I would doubt for very long before eating them,
for fear of the cream taste...

And the candles there? It was those INDISTINGUISHABLE CANDLES.
So annoying!

They bought another Pandan cake for me to bring home and eat cause they know the first one is gonna have all the candle waxes and etc... 
But we cut away the top part and ate them together anyway haha!

Cally bought Takoyaki for me cause I said I was craving some in Twitter!! Awww <3
They said they waited for the stall to be open and were the auntie's first customer lol!
(It was quite early then)

And this is the excited part.  
I think the 5 of them, Cally, Xinwan, Pamela, Teresa and Jiawen (who was hospitalized then ): ) shared money together to buy me a whole set of The House of Night series.
There are total 9 books. Estimate that each book cost at least $15.
$100+++++ sia!! ): 
I feel so guilty ley walao. 
I mean this is so ex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all because of a tweet that I just posted without thinking much.
I tweeted that if only my friends could all get together and each person get me a book, and then form a completed series, that would be the best gift.

Guilty? Yes.
Happy? No. I'm overwhelmed with blissfulness. 
But still guilty. ):
They're really too good to me!!! Really touched and speechless!!
Thankyou all so much, Cally, Xinwan, Jiawen, Teresa and Pamela. <3

And YES I bought a polaroid!!!! LIKE, YESTERDAY.
For $90. From my sis's friend, Liyun's friend, whom Mindy knows too wow! 
She only bought it like 1 week ago but decides to sell it again cause of some reason that I shouldn't really say without permission.. 
All I know that it's still good and barely used.

I wanted to take with my parents so badly but I don't even have time to go the place in front of my house to get polaroid films -.-

Oh and the thing is, I bought this with my own money! 
Those that I earned cleaning AA one lol.
At least I wouldn't feel guilty about spending my parent's money on those none necessities stuff that I want.
My mum wanted it too cause she'll be able to bring to Indonesia and take with my aunt they all,
and the thing is she wouldn't have to develop the photos and pass to them next time we visit them!

This is the scores for the etude challenge @ Regent today.
I was one of the jury with Samantha and Mindy (Shuqun Alumni).
We met up in the morning and cabbed to Regent cause we had to wake up early and we would be late if take MRT...
We woke up at around 6.30am+ sia.

Samantha: "How I even managed secondary school mornings will always be a mystery to me."

So we were there, and Mr NoelOng treated us Mac breakfast! (Delivery)
We had to judge all the secondary school Mr Lim takes, Shuqun, Regent, Peirce, Pasir Ris Crest.
And it's ALL etudes.
Shuqun was actually lacking behind by a lot but I guess the last event saved them.
We were only there to judge on the music and not anything else.

Mr NoelOng was at the back showing us 10 of his fingers to us repeatedly to tell us to give 10 (full marks) to Shuqun hahahaha!
It was hilarious!!

And yeap after this went to get this Macbook I'm currently using!!

Afterwards, met Siangyee and Siangjoo at CCK, then cab to this place to see this (below) musical!

Siangyee and joo's friend was the male lead so they came to support him and asked me along!
And I've decided that I like musicals. 
It was really good! 
The thing is the director is only 16 years old!!!!!!!!
And he made most of the things himself, music, lyrics, plannings whatever. 
Of course got his crew which he thanked lah but really wow.
I'm 16 years old and here I am wasting my life away.
I need to repent. LOL.

And just, only just, my mum passed me this envelope!
My SP ID card is done yay~

Yeap, so basically that's most of the interesting things that's happening in my life now if you don't count all the EMIs on all Thursday Saturday Sunday, Shuqun band practice (I go back to help teach sec 1s), cleaning AA every Wednesday and Friday, OBOG every sat night, clarinet masterclass every sat afternoons for about 2 months, selling ice creams door to door on the nights when I'm free and not too tired, and guitar lessons every sunday afternoon which I don't even have time to practice before sunday comes. Yep.

OK. I'M REALLY SATISFIED. My first day of using Macbook and I blogged~ Certainly not taking any sweet time to get used to it. Even though I'm really exhausted today. Who am I kidding I'm exhausted EVERYDAY. But I just look around and see everyone being exhausted too just helps me to move on. 

Alright. Bye to the future me. Hopefully whatever I do now will be of some use to my future self. 



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