Dad's birthday celebration.

Yep, yesterday was my dad's birthday, and we celebrated it in their "hangout", coffee shop! LOL.

I didn't write a card for my dad cause..well it's like I'm repeating my words and I myself feel as if there's no sincerity if the words keep repeating. If you mean it, just once is enough, right?

My sis told my mum to buy stuff and cook to bring to the coffee shop, like seafood. There were crabs, clam and stuff like that. And my sis says she will pay for it.

The thing was, I didn't know what to get for my dad so I asked my sis how. So she suggested she pay for our utilities bills, and my phone bills, so my dad don't have to pay it, and I in turn became the one who treated them dinner! 

I think that was the best combination. but my sis had to pay so much more :X 

Anyway, yesterday night was all smiles and laughter. My dad's lame jokes is still funny. I just hope he will be like this even when he's at home. Sometimes it's like he's 2 different person when he's at home compared to when he's with his friends. ):

Happy birthday! 


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