Grandmother's funeral.

Last week, my grandmother passed away. My father's side one. So of course we have to go to her funeral and help out.

The last time I met the relatives from my father's side, it was when my father's father died. ....Yeah, we didn't contact at all for approximately 5 to 6 years. Though we did exchanged contact, I forgot why we didn't keep in touch. Maybe I gave the wrong number, maybe I lost my phone. I forgot.

Frankly speaking, I don't really have any vivid memories with my grandmother either! I don't even know when was the last time I saw her! :/ Feel so guilty...

So anyway, the only thing I did there was folding the hell notes. Yep, that's all. 

The day before the last day, I went to the funeral after going to the polys with Vanessa and Calvin. With my sister and her boyfriend, Samuel. We were late even though we went via taxi. 
When we reached, they were praying. So we immediately rushed in, and changed to the white shirt afterwards.

We burnt all of the hell notes on that day (and left a few for the next day).

My cousin allowed us to stay at their house for one night since we have to wake up and reach there early and it's damn far for us as the funeral is located at Aljunied!

They really prepared everything for us, and you know what, their house is kinda like those, uhm terrance house? Alah I really dunno what's the difference but it has 3 storey and a small so-called yard infront? THEY'RE SO RICH WOW. 

We stayed in a room in the 2nd storey. Their whole family stay on the 3rd floor, and they can squeeze in together since they joined 2 rooms!

I showered with my sister, and realised they shower with sea salt. We were both shocked lol! LIKE HOW DO YOU SHOWER WITH SALT. So we wiped ourselves with it but it feels so weird... In the end, Samuel told us we are suppose to mix it with water before we wiped it on ourselves... Makes sense. WHY WE SO STUPID LOL. We like sua gu only HAHA!

On the last day, we did prayers and the walk, and sat on a bus to have my grandmother burnt to ashes literally. I didn't have any feelings even when I saw the coffin brought to the room to be burnt.. But I did teared when I saw my cousin crying so badly, and my uncle crying too. I thought about their relationship with her and all the memories they might have with her. It's just too sad to see.

So yeah. I got to keep in touch with them, and saw them again. They were really optimistic especially my uncle! He's SO CUTE ALSO, plus always crack funny lame jokes.

*Pictures credited to my sister for taking them and uploading them to facebook.

The very very very first day.

It was really hot that day and I couldn't open my eyes~

My father's elder brother! 
My sis says that he looks like my dad being fast-forward haha.

She's my cousin! 
And she already has 2 kids.
So therefore, I'm technically an aunt. (I think).
The eldest one is like, 14. 2 YEARS DIFFERENCE ONLY OMG.

The 2 kids! 

Just glad to be able to keep in touch with my cousins again. :)
Hope my grandmother will meet my grandfather in the other world and maybe have a great life in their next one.


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