Indonesia trip'2012.

HELLO. Wow so long since I posted. 
Anyway. Yep! I just came back a few days back from Indonesia, Tanjung Batu
I'm not gonna elaborate much, I shall let the pictures tell the story! :)

My mum and I in the taxi! :)

Hehe the souvenir Vanessa got for me when she went to Thailand!
Sorry for the randomness but it was in my bag so might as well take a picture of it hahaah.

My mum being thickskinned. She told me to take a picture of her..posing.

Mum told me to take another picture to show her whether her mascara worked... 
Apparently it did, yay for her!

Suka Maju! 
(I don't know whether it's the correct spelling but it's pronounced like that...)
This is like, our own Indonesia delicacy haha! 
We will always eat this when we go Tanjung Batu! ALWAYS.
It's like, curry chicken but taste way better. *drools* 
We ate this like, everyday except for Friday cause it's closed. 
See, how delicious it is. 

It's too dark.. But we'll just have to make do with it.

Really dislike this camera.
The flash, it was too bright, but without it, the picture came out too dark, though it looked fine on the camera.
Okay lah cannot blame the camera maybe cause I've got no skills or maybe it can be adjusted. IDK.

I digress.

Yep! This is their kitchen! 
Yeah they still have a well. There's another well outside too. Talk about old school. 


She's my cousin's (Ah Tek) child. 
And hehehehe so CHUBBBBBY.

My another cousin (Ah Yang). He became fatter. Like. A lot.

My aunt's house! Like antique hor. Wait. Can I call a house antique? 

Birds! Sparrow! I don't know what type of birds but they're birds!
Apparently they have to let them go, and say some good words. 
Some culture thingy? 
But I think it's kinda cool. 
But but, why catch them and let them go again?! LOL. Just don't even catch lahhhh~
Oh well.

This is Ah Teck! Haha. His wife and him were the ones who let the birds go~

The one on the left is his wife! The one in the middle is another younger cousin, Ah min min.
Alas. She has grown..

And there you go birds!

My another cousin, Ah Ting's son! He's call Jun Jie bytheway.
Their surname is Lin. So they decided to name him Jun Jie.
Sounds familiar? ;)

Heheh my aunt! She's the only person left living in Indonesia!


Ah Ting and my mum!

He's my aunt's husband! Hehee he told me to take picture of his belly~

Spamming half naked boy changing diaper after he passed motion!


Ahh innocence finally after contaminating your mind~

Huiying! Sister of Jun Jie!
She's still so gorgeous, and she actually remembered me!

Me: *Speaking Teochew* "Still remember who am I?"
Huiying: *Giggling* "Xinman yi yi!"

Yeah and she calls me yiyi! Better than aunty right lol.

The background is really pretty right?

I still can remember her reaction after the picture was taken!
She was like: "HOI DELETE HORRRRR."
And as you can see, OF COURSE I DIDN'T. 

Yep, gambling gambling all day long~
They kept tell me to delete cause police will catch. 
But erm, Indonesia police won't see my blog, right? XD

The baby looks like a doll here omg!
Bytheway, she's damn damn obedient. 
Okay I'm not sure is that the right word to use, but she just sleep, eat, sleep, smile, eat, sleep.
She rarely cries! Really, throughout this few days, I've never heard her cry O.O
Maybe she's just...shy. Hah!

Baby spamming time!

Most of the stalls there are like that! 
And it's like, every night is a Pasar Malam! 
(Which means night market but is rare in yeah.)
We ate this almost everyday too omggggg the oil..
But it's darn tasty!


Yeap, we bought A LOT. Always!
But in the end when we reached my aunt's house, everyone is like fighting for a piece.
A few even didn't get to eat any, and my cousin actually went to get another packet on one of the days hah!

Yanto! The father of Junjie and Huiying!
Quite good looking eh?

 "Eheheheheh.." *smoke comes out of his nostril..*
(Idk why but this pictures just makes me imagine this scene.)

Seriously. Everything also put into his mouth. 
Whenever someone is eating something, he will DEFINITELY goes up to that person and tap him/her,
While saying "ehh ehh ehhhhhh!!"
I hope he won't get fatttt~

Huiying asked me to take pictures of her and Jun Jie together! Awww so sweet.

Hehe really love this one!


This is I think my aunt's friend's kid. Hehehe kyyyuttttt!!

"Dammit that flash..."

"...argh that stupid flash again... ..brighttt..."

Yep, trying to get goodies again. Tsktsk this boy..

"Man I really want these..why isn't anyone opening them?!"
Seriously. Everytime someone opens it to take one, he will RUSH there immediately and grab one to eat.
And act like nothing happened. OMG THIS BOY AH.

With Jun Jie popping out of nowhere.. (blame my skills lol)

This little girl is too adorable. 
They were going home and they asked her to wear her shoes herself! Awww.
But in the end she can't and she just left them there LOL!

Yep, my mum bought Tequila before we board the ferry at SG.
So she brought it there to drink with them.
Look at what a good example my mum is setting doing this right infront of the kids...

He drank like 3 glasses and turned darn red later on when gambling!!
Haahaha it was real funny. And I think he got a lot allergy to alcohol or smth, got rashes. O.O

My another cousin, Ah Khai! 
He's the best one among all my male cousins.
Gentleman, caring. My sis always find him one hahaha apparently he's hers whenever she's in Indo!

The kids! Omg. They were all like asking whether can they drink a bit. 
Oh I did drank a glass. Nothing much. Maybe should drink more but nah.

Haha, Jun Jie kept on drinking the sprite which is like required to mix it with the Tequila.
Really keep on sia! We took it away from him he walk there like a boss and take it again!
So they mixed it with Tequila INSIDE the sprite can and gave it to him!
This is the can with the mixed Tequila and as you can see someone is forcing is down 
(His own dad, Yanto!!)

Teehee after awhile, we passed the can to him he rejected it HAHAH!
But in the end take and drink again like that incident never happened. -.-

Haha his face getting red!!! It was worst man later in the night.

Yep, drinking like he bought all of it..
Omg he look like a drunkard here haha!

(This is the next day I think)

Orange! The ones we ate were darn sweet. (Y)

Ah Khai was the on who brought me here and he bought 10 packets for everyone!
Even though I wanted to pay he didn't allow me tsk.
We drank this for like 3 consecutive days too!

They actually pour out the juice and the meat and place them in a container.
The pictures shows the uncle scooping them up into packets!

..or you can choose the alternative and just buy the coconuts and have the pleasure of opening them and scooping everything out yourself :D

AHAHAHAA random.

Mum told me to take pictures of her...
VAIN AIN'T SHE. magic show ah. HAHA! 
My mum is way too cute.

Burger! Ah Khai bought them, again.
He refuse to let me pay >:(
Anyway, I did took picture of the stall, but I think my mum deleted it -.- wth~
Pasar malam, you know? 
That's why I said, it's pasar malam every night there.

Hehehe my aunt, eating the burger with style~
While watching people gamble.

This is the what they call, "la mi". 
I only play when they're playing blackjack! 
Ehhh wait, blackjack is the one where you get only 2 cards and 21 is the biggest, right?
Aiyah anyway I only joined when we play that.
And I only gamble 5000 rupiah every match.
Which is less than $1.
Hehehehe. I actually won a bit of money after playing!
My mum always lose at the end of the day lol.
She bets too much lah and never stop one...

Was this the next day? ..I have no idea~
Anyway, Jun Jie just woke up and started playing with his sisters and aunts.
With a diaper that is FILLED with his pee.
I swear! It was bouncing left and right when he run LOL! 
And...he seemed so happy here HAHA!

"Here I come with my pee~"

Look at where the diaper was at!

See! Told ya it bounces!!

My aunt's husband's sister. I think.
She's always cleaning stuff.. And I heard she's a skillful sweeper
See, she's sweeping here. :D

Gahhhh she's really so cute!

Wow, the side view of his belly is...

The youngest cousin I have in Indo! 

I just realised the stars on the ledge. Niceeeeee.

Sorry ah camwhore a while.
Actually, I never took a lot of pictures with my mum! Hmms.

Ohmygod he look like some..pervert. O.O

Woaaaah Hui Ying damn unglam~

Some random plant hohoho.

My aunt cooking! Yes that's their kitchen~

The chicken wings was DELICIOUS I tell ya!

That's sotong! Spicy one. 

He was the only one who helped!

Mum watching Ah Khai cooking without doing anything...

*drooool all over my keyboard..*


First, you grab the chicken wings that your mother prepared..

..put them into the wok filled with oil that your mother prepared..

..stir a bit..'ll look like this..


Tasty, aromatic chicken wings. (Mostly made by mother though)


Ohmygosh that was lame. 
But I couldn't let the photos go to waste right?!

This is actually dog's food! 
Doesn't look like hor. So scrumptious. 


Dunno she really cooking or posing ley haha!

She look so happy!!!!

"Ehhh, whaaa?"

Fatherly love~


Ahahaha Yanto still got time to pose the V sign.


Dear civilians, beware. 
There is a naked little boy on the loose. 
Please grab him and help him wear some clothes before contacting xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Omg why am I so lameeeee.

Showering in the kitchen~


Ahhh my cousin look so pretty here hah!


Omg so cute but the fact that his naked a bit..

He's wearing the clothes my sister bought for him from Thailand!

DONE! Ah but he kept closing his eyes because of the flash.. ):

Sigh, stupid flash.

I think there was more, cause the table will filled up, but I didn't take anymore pictures of it..


Hehe I love this picture!


Looks like it's her own child eh!
Everyone there always helps each other, taking care of babies, cooking, cleaning, you name it!
Really like this kind of living style. Nobody hates on anybody and they don't really compare much I suppose.
Though they may money problems, but they do things together, enjoy everything together.

Okay that was random.

Really like the epic face of the baby's here!

My cousin so cute lah haha!

I think I kept saying that but really, this picture really gives me the feeling mah~

My cousin look so natural and pretty here!

Hi belly, AGAIN!
This time just the belly. XD

So after dinner and everything, I was meddling with Ah Khai's phone (he has 3 omg)
And we realised that his phone flash damn good HAHAHA.
So...I used it to spam pictures haha!

I guess this was the 1st picture, testing testing.

Yes I camwhored, with his phone!
I think I look so much better here than in cameras -.-

This picture damn funny!
Cause my mum wanted to take picture with him but he wasn't looking.
And at the very LAST MINUTE, she grabbed his hair and kinda forced him to look straight.
The thing is, he still can smile and my mum still can maintain her smile! NICE.

I went to take pictures of his mum cause I was like,
"This is your phone ley must have your mother's picture mah!" 
"When you're in batam miss her can look at this!"

Kekeke look at the baby!
Finally caught her smiling!

I actually, as usual when I use others phone, set this as his wallpaper!
LOL yep I'm a thick skinned kid.

He was meddling with his own (another) phone when I took it! 
He wasn't looking, but then at the very last second, AGAIN, he looked, and he looked so sly!!
We immediately start sending to our phones before he could snatch back and delete it!
He even took my phone and delete from my phone and Ah Ting's!
But thank god, her phone got keep another one and she send it back to me again.
Otherwise we can never look back at this and laugh! XD

Ohh, this is the next morning already, and my aunt, 3 of my male cousin, is going to batam!
My cousins all work at batam because..well I think pay there is better and all..
My aunt I think she's going back Not too sure.
She's bringing the baby too~

We woke up early just to send them off!
Normally, and I'm talking about the last time I went back to Indonesia,
(which was like 2 to 3 years back.. I didn't go Indo that much cause I was occupied with band and stuff, plus a lot of my cousins was at batam.)
and when my cousins weren't at batam, 
they would always wake up early too, and rode their motorcycle to our hotel and send us to the harbour.
So now, it's our turn! 

Hehe Ah Ting rode them here, and to send them too!

Ah Khai was one of my cousin who is going there!



Ohh I just realised I didn't take any pictures of her crying- cause she didn't cry!!
She just sits or lie there..and drool.


Wow nice pose.

My cousin and his near 3 years girlfriend!
She also rode them here.
Woah... Imagine she always wait here for her boyfriend, for A YEAR before he comes back on CNY..
She cried so badly when she was sending them! 
Ahhh, love~

Took another one cause my cousin look fat in the other but now he's not looking. 

Taking pictures! ..

..while Ah Khai emo~

Boarding the ship!
My aunt look so happy here haha!

Bye Ah Yang~

Bye Ah Khai! :'(

The harbour!

This was the next day! We didn't visit my aunt's house cause since everyone left for batam there's really nothing much to do there,
Especially when my aunt isn't there!
So we stayed in hotel, and ask people to help us massage!

The first was wasn't as thorough and relaxing, and she was like rushing.
My mum's was like 30mins only and mine was less than that! >:(
When asked, she say she got another appointment. 
What?! Helllloooooo, aren't we your customer too -.-
And the way she massage was like, more of pain than shiok lol.

But this 2nd one is more skillful and better!! 
And it's really the WHOLE BODY massage one. Buttock, feet, fingers..
She even crack our head!!! 
When she did that to me I was STUNNED and was kinda scared that I may die from it if cracked wrongly lol!
But both of us (mum and I) exclaimed that it was gooooood.

This head one is the last touch!

BAM. Scary, right?
When I saw it I was like #!@%&e$#&FJURUDKHVKJVKGHJET.
Then I immediately take a picture. HAHA.
My mum apparently told her that her back was more strained and painful, so she did..smth!
Hehe mum said is was good though. And she didn't know her back would look like this! XD
Anyway, that was one good experience!

At night, we went to eat with my cousin!
Then we went to this restaurant look like thingy below our hotel.
The purpose there..actually for us is nothing much.
For my mum..well she's singing.

The stage!
Well it's not really that dark, and I already used flash!
I have no idea why did it turn out like this. 
Argh goddammit.

Random shot!
Haha he should use this as his profile picture!
Ohhh yes, they do have facebook too!
Can like communicate with them and keep in touch. But I don't know malay like my sis so..yeah.

Scrolling though facebook I suppose!

Jun Jie and Huiying kept running around the stage!!
Wah he really can't sit still lol!

My cousin told me to act cute. I did.
Aren't I CUTE?!!?
*please sense the sarcasm thanks.

We bought it there to eat!
But I didn't eat much cause I like the peanut one and they didn't buy. 

There's even sweet corn one!
But it was sooooo sweet. Too sweet. I think got condensed milk eee.

Spot Huiying!

Spot Jun Jie!

LOL Yeap, they kept running around!

Alright, that's all for this trip! 
I know all of these pictures are already in facebook. 
But still gonna post anyway cause I like to elaborate the pictures 
(though I say I won't in the beginning lol I'm so fickled)
Or maybe what if, touch wood, that facebook closes down?! Then I still have the pictures here!
But then, the links are from facebook what talking me. 


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