Haha, even though I don't really celebrate Christmas.. Since I was young, our family never had Christmas tree, Christmas presents, and my parents never told me about Santa Claus etc. Thus, Christmas actually isn't really as meaningful to me as others. But nonetheless, wish you all have had an enjoyable Christmas! :)

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, and I didn't sell icecream that day. Yes, I sold icecream almost every night and I was really tired of it. So I was thinking about staying at home and rest or smth, but Siangyee text me and ask me whether I have any plans today.
She asked me whether I want to go her house and play with Wawa!
OMGOMGOMG. (Wawa is her dog bytheway). 

Of course I agreed, and almost immediately prepared and set off. When I reached there, Siangyee didn't want to tell me how to go to her blk, she just tell me the blk number! Omg mean. But thank god for my selling-icecream-door-to-door skills, I just asked an aunty how to go there. WAHAHAHA. Ah but in the end Siangyee of course told me how to go lah. She'll never be THAT evil. <3

When I reached her storey, I think without her telling me her flat number I would already know which is her house! Siangyee was playing her horn and I could hear her vaguely. Hehe when she opened the door, I acted like I was selling icecream by saying the memorized lines. HAHA! But when she was going back to take her keys, she closed the door and I guess accidently sandwiched Wawa's head between the gap where the door closes! Oucccchhh.

But Wawa was daaaaaarn adorable! She actually sulked and hid under the sofa and like, EMO you know! HAHHA! The both of us was looking below and Siangyee (Siangjoo wasn't at home) kept using things to make her come out, like saying they're going to have a walk (gaigai), and even brought dog treats! But I guess she was still angry, and Siangyee was like: "Okay let's ignore her I teach you piano!" 

Haha! And yep, she teached me Yiruma's River Flows In You, and now I could play probably 2/3 of it! Last time, when Anna taught me, I could only play the right and left hand parts seperately! Hehehe, a big improvement I should say! Though when I tried to play just now on my keyboard I realised not enough octaves.. ): (My keyboard only has 4 octaves, sigh) 

She also made me sight read a chinese pop song call 小酒窝 ("little dimple" direct translation LOL). She played both parts while I only played the right hand parts cause I can only read treble clef. 
Like, click on the notes while the music play types but this time got encouragement hahah! Omg so fun. 

Siangyee gave me a score too! 
Since it's kind of easy and yet nice. 

Hehehe, and she drew this at the back when I told her I don't know how to read bass clef! <3

Afterwards, finally Wawa came out, and SHE WAS REALLY ADORABLE. She was very scared of me, and really, literally, SQUIRMED and moved back! Hehe, and she was angry with Siangyee too. Waaaaa, she's very very spoilt! Btw, she's really very very cute, like a toy dog

That's the reason why they named her Wawa, which means doll in chinese. 

I ate dinner at their house afterwards. Thankyou so much for the fooooood! It was really tasty, first time I really like the taste of fish, though I don't really dislike it to that extent.. Siangjoo's friends were coming over later, and Siangyee was making cloth roses for them, I helped her a bit! She gave me 2 too. <3

So pretty rightttt! 

We then camwhored a bit after finishing the flowers hehe.

Yepp we are floweeeeeers~ *PUKE



When Siangjoo's friends came, I went off. Didn't want to stay ah, so awkward! And I was going to hougang to meet the others. (Yes, it was also last minute) Siangyee sent me to the LRT, and while on the way we chatted. She was so sweet, and she was actually worried about me being a bit...pessimistic. Love her so much! <3

Thankyou Siangyee, it's great to know that someone actually cared. :)

Went to Hougang and bought a last minute Christmas present for the exchange later on. Took the bus, Sean, Jenson and a Hougang Alumni call Gengyun came to fetch me at the busstop to Yishen's house! Haha, I've never seen her before, but she was so friendly! :) 

When we exchanged gift, I got hers, and she got mine! Hahaha, fated eh fated. ;) I actually told her about them telling us to buy a gift at the last minute and she said she also knew it a few hours before! And I actually told her what did I buy, I didn't expect she'll get it! XD 

Got this tumblr! 

I find it quite cute! And I actually can use it! :) 

We watched shows, the first one some fortune thingy but stopped halfway. 
Then some of them played dota while Wesley, Yishen and I was fixing this huuuuuuge puzzle Yishen's brother was fixing. 
It was like, what, 8/10 completed! Except for the sides because it's all...dark. We were just making the borders and I guess I was kinda...too excited. HAHA! I was so frustrated when I can't find the piece that matches! In the end we did it HOHOHO.

Ahmad was there, and he brought his guitar. He teached me some song! A part of Enter Sandman by Metallica, and a bit of The Godfather's theme song. Wooooooo! 

Afterwards we watched Kungfu panda 3, and this, American football show. Ahahaha frankly speaking I was asleep for most part of the whole movie LOL. Whoooops. 

In the end all of us fall asleep and woke up around 12plus. I was the only one who slept the most! LOL. The rest of them only had like, 2 to 3 hours of sleep I think. We went to eat and head home afterwards. 

I guess you can say my Christmas was spent uhm..fruitfully? Oh! It was kinda like my first stayover with so many people haaha. Man I hope we could have more of this. :)

Alright. Shall stop now. Ah, I still haven't start on my malaysia trip posts yet. Ahhhhhh, these few days I hope. 



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