Worked for nothing.

Worked with Anthony today. Cleared; 20/20.
But I lost money wtf. My first fucking time. Guess I learn not to put money in pockets the hard way.

So I lost around $55+. Means we both get around $30 each.
I can't really give him $30 since I'm the one who lost it. I've got to be responsible for what has happened, so I gave him another $20. And I've got like, $5? LOLOLOL.

I should be getting $50 today fml.
Yes I wasted my time and effort.

And I was gonna use these to get presents for friends. Eh seriously fuck my life man.

Thankyou Jiawei for cheering me up, and lending me money tmr, cause I really needed it.... And the way she tries to cheer people up damn cute and funny lah! HAHAHA.


UPDATE: I found $30 on the floor below my bed!!!!!! MAYBE GOD IS HELPING ME. (Nah I think my parents put it there). Whatever or whoever it is, thankyou!!!!


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