HeriKusmama's birthday surprise.

(Backtracked 2 days ago)

Heri's sis called me a few days ago, and tell me that she's gonna have a surprise birthday for Heri! (Y) It was sooooo sweeeeeeet of her! I bet with you $876405650 that my family won't ever do this kind of things for me. Heri is sooooo luckaaayyyyy~

Met up with Mandy at JE, as we're heading to Marina Square together. We took the MRT together, and were having fun talking and chatting and etc.

When I suddenly remembered that I was meeting the blogshop owner the sticky for Heri's birthday. At JE. 

OMGLAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were like, at Queensway or something when I remembered. LOLOL and I was late for 30min. D: Shit. But the blogshop owner damn kind sia.... Make me feel more guilty only. I think I'm late everytime I meet her -.- Feel so bad..

Well anyway, we went there and straight away headed for the VANS shop for Heri's ________. (The name of the show too long lah can't remember). Since Mandy know where it was and etc, we reach there quite fast I must say, even though it was quite far from Cityhall MRT station.

On our way there, we bought POPCORNS! Not just any kind of popcorns, it's has DIFFERENT flavours! Even cheese one which I hate. LOL.

Nah I knew I won't remember the names of the store so I took a picture of it. HAHAHA.
Sorry it wasn't straight cause I was worried I look retarded taking picture of this thingy. LOLOL!!

I really like their paper bag! (Y) 
It's so... paperish. LOL.

So considerate of them right! Lol I like some sua gu singaporean. Wait I am. :O

Yes, they have their own designed tissue.
Yes, I took picture of it. 
Omg can't believe I actually did that but it's so... tempting!?!? 
Yes, I get tempted by tissues lol.

The back of the tissue!! You know this makes me 不舍得 to use neh. 
(In the end also throw away lol)

Yes we throw it away towards the end of the day, cause nobody felt like eating it anymore.
Even though it taste real superb!! But I think was tinny winnnyyy 'lil bit too sweet~

MANDY'S NEW RING, snacking on popcorn!
(Gosh I feel like some kid trying to entertain myself and trying to force all my non-living dolls to eat real food)

We bought a card for him at the very last min, and even some markers LOL.

And we intend to give Heri the markers since it's orange and he likes orange. SO SWEET OF US RIGHT. I KNOW. HAHHAAAA.

Yes, look at my uglaaaahhh handwriting (right).

(You know what, I'm so sick of the quality I'm just gonna make it small small so it looks better and clearer)
Somebody buy me a camera on my birthday. 

Trying to act sexy. I know you're feeling HOT. NYAHAHAHA. (LOLWTF)

So after that, we headed to the Hooters, the restaurant that will change Heri's life.. (Lol stupid narration)

Mandy was actually meeting Heri on that day, with his HwaChong friends, AFTER the dinner with his sister.
But she lied to him and say she has got family problems, and I told him I can't even make it. HAHA.

Little did he know that EVERYONE will be there during the dinner. NYAHAHAA!!


He was dumbfounded and just stared at us (Mandy and I), and stared at them (HwaChong friends), and them (Shuqun Frisbee teammates). And stare. And smile. And stare. 

All this while just standing at the same place. HAHAHAA.

Of course we told him to sit, duh if not stand there for the whole event meh?!!? (HAHAOMG IMAGINE HIM STANDING THERE WITH HIS MOUTH OPENED FOR THE WHOLE EVENT)

The thing was, the waitresses there, has a request or something for Heri:

(their work uniform?)

HAHAHA. I think that was the climax of the whole event.

I think the boobs was some kind of balloon or something? Nevertheless, IDK what did they put in, IT WAS FIRM. HAHAHA. I poked it. We all did. It felt so HARD. 

(Note: All the pictures below belongs to Heri's friend, Benelyon (a.k.a Benny or Belly. I prefer Belly). I just steal it in FB NYAHAHA. Thanks for uploading, Belly!)


He took the picture of Heri's boobs, and I was standing beside.
Neh mind, just compare! Mine is SO MUCH SMALLER. 
And look! Heri seems so happy :D (HAAA)

Heri and his HwaChong friends! So family-like.
And WOOHOOO. I get to know new friends (them).
They're real friendly lah, even though they seemed unfriendly at the beginning :X

I was thinking whether his boobs will got caught on fire. 
(Lol I had to ask for the tenses and etc f my eng)
Wouldn't it be interesting if it really do??

Heri kept showing off his cleavage~ *Whistle.

That's Heri's sister! 
She look so mature right? She's actually 16 now. OMG RIGHT.
And she's soooooooo sweeeeeetttt!!!

Happy birthday to you BOOBIES!

The waitresses there! Wah Heri's in luck. HAHHA.
See his face! Shiok eh. *moves eyebrows


Hehhehh one of Heri's friend.
He's got a nice name! Benelyon.
Like, Beeeennnnniiiii-leeeeeeeeeeooooooooonnnnnnnn~
A.k.a Benny, but Belly's better don't you think so.

The guy on the left is....I forgot omg. HAHHA
BUT the right one is Weiming and I remembered it cause I have a friend call Weiming! LOL.

The girl is call Charlotte and I love her hair. SOOOO STRAIGHT!!!
Far right, Arwin! I remembered him as Aravin. :D 

I think this guy was called Jinfero? 
(Ah wtf why all of them have such nice names.)
Mandy thought he was Heri (from the back) and almost wanted to cover his eyes with her hands and surprise him!! HAHAHAH OMG OMG. 

They were there first, sitting together, so we kinda assumed Heri was there too XD
Imagine Mandy really did that omg. 

During the dinner, I kept crapping with Heri's frisbee teammates!!

First: I know them, but never talked to them before. 
Second: I didn't know they were in frisbee. 

Hahaa! Sheila, Amanda and Shiya were all so hyper and they really understand my stupid lame jokes. HAHAHA. We were really talking cock and giving each other seducing eyes~ LOL.

Oh yeah, we were talking about how Heri's Hwa Chong friends and sister look so matured. They do, right!?

And I was like, 
"Nah, I think is OUR SCHOOL people look IMMATURE, 
we're the weird ones." 

And they agreed! *retarded happy face.

After that, all of us went to Charlotte's condo and slack and etc. They were planning to drink Heri's absolut vodka but nobody did. XD So we were like sitting down staring at each other and trying to not make it awkward but of course it was.

): I don't seems to be THAT hyper when I'm sitting down. So sad right. I shall stand next time. LOL.

This is Joanna! I think she's kinda like the first one who start talking to us?
And she's damn cute too!
Friendly lah they all!

And the guy on the left is Dario! 
Initially I thought his name was some kind of long long one, like,
Dariyheo y'know. In the end it's so short. (from FB)

Okay, that's all. I think my post is getting more and more boring laaaaa. I might just stop altogether one day.
I bet nobody cares who they are lol! Unless they're the one who reads it HAHAHA.

Too bad I don't have any pictures of Shiya, Amanda and Sheila. ): Heeee, we should really go out again someday!!! 

So well, I hope Herikusmama enjoyed that day! I feel happy for him actually. It's kinda like my 1st time surprising people like that. HA. He didn't celebrate his birthday last year cause he was grounded, so I guess this kinda 'pay' it back?? Hmm.

Alright, gonna go work later, again. I hope I don't lose anymore money fml. 



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