Update to what did I did these days.

...which is actually not much.

Good evening ladies and gentleman I'm currently using my a-few-days-old iPod touch to blog! My first time yo!! I guess I'm probably getting used to all of it's features by now, I just hope I won't be getting bored of it so soon! I actually stayed up till 6 am yesterday to dl applications omgwow.

Anyway this will be a short post to update what did I do these few days which nobody will care and will skip through all of these. I just don't have any pictures lah dey! Heh.

Basically, I had band. For the whole week. Everyday. Fullstop.

I didn't even had time for work- except for today! Worked with Regine just now! It was really enjoyable, like that time with Abigail! (Y)

It was raining heavily again, today while on the way waiting for bus to our base, Serangoon north ave 1, blk 144 OMG I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED WOOO!

Anyway, Regine was being a gentleman OMFG. She actually covered me and hugged me cause the rain was splashing on us, even though she's wearing this huge thick enormous jacket but her thighs was exposed yet she still covered me! And since she's darn tall- my head only reach her shoulder, when she hugged me she seems so much like a caring boyfriend!!! LOLOL.

Plus we actually held hands. Oi don't get the wrong idea leh! I think course I short lah, so she feel that she needs to protect me LOLOL. She really makes me feel protected!

And no, i don't think she's a lesbian -.- she's like so gorgeous and her legs is sexy man!! *drool. If she didn't become a model it'll be such a waste! Same goes to Michelle, Cherry and Jenny! They're all so tall and fair and pretty and sexy and cute and friendly and crazy and fun to be with! (Y)

From that moment on, I claimed her as my unofficial boyf, HAHAHA!

Regine: "ah, but Michelle's my girlfriend leh. Okay nvm, you'll be my affair."

Bwahahahaha, Michelle you're being ditched! :D

Anyway, sold 10/20 today. Worst sale ever. Ohwell, like they said, everything has got their ups and downs. ESPECIALLY SALES. looking forward to work with Regine 'dear' again. HAHAHA!

Ohyeah, my dad just took out the fake wall in my room yesterday. For those who don't know why there's a fake wall in my room, it was actually to split my room into half so that my dad can take the other half to use as his shoe storage (he wanted to set up a shoe business hut infuses it failed).

The great thing is my room's bigger.

The bad thing is my dad wants to rent my room to other people.
Arghhhh!! No privacy man, WTF. Plus when i need to have a quiet place to study... Oh maybe if the tenants is a just graduated a level person or something still okay! FREE TUITION HAHAHA.

Maybe when they're living here I should like dig nose and fart loudly infrint of them to chase them out. :D


There's an exchange next Tuesday, and we're hosting it. Hope nothing goes wrong.

P/s: I can't adjust some fonts and shits like I normally will, cause I can't do it with iPod touch. It's so different yet convenient and fun! I shall do this again sometime! WOOOOOOOO!


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