I have no idea what to put here.

HI! Okay this should be yet another random post. But hell, ALL my post are random~

Anyway, today is kinda a fun day. Even though I had to go for the bridging course from 10.30am to 12.30pm, and go back to band again, the last 30min was fun!

We did a bit of marching since we're still not that good on it, while playing whistle. And I went for the chem-bridge, whilst they went up to wait for Ms Loh to conduct practice with them, whom in fact didn't come as it was suppose to be Ms Chang, who'll be conducting us, but did not cause neither of us know anything till Victoria called Mr Lim and realised that he said the wrong name! CUTE LAH ALAMAK. Anyway it's nothing interesting anyway, just typing for the sake of typing, bleh.

Since Ms Chang had to go when it was around 12pm, so we went to have an early fall-out which includes a bit of drills. *MOAN* DRILLS?!?!? Boring~

Wait it's not exactly a blessing, but...ah whatever.

Anyway, we kinda had fun, laughing about people's weird way of marching and doing drills. Mainly ALLEN and a lil' bit of Eun Young. Allen was kind pitiful lah! Cause everyone was laughing AT HIM! I laughed the loudest I think, LOLOL. So bad man.

He looks like he doesn't seems to mind, but I'd still worried that he won't come band practice anymore, LOL. I did tell him to don't be sad lah. Hope he don't feel hurt inside.....which I think he most probably will feel. :/

I mean, when you keblakang pu-sing, you're suppose to turn 180 degree, to the right.

He turned 360 degree.

And the way he march looks like he's walking towards a gang fight HAHAHA! We tried to tell him many times but he just can't seem to do it! CUTE LAH!!

And he's from my section somemore. I should feel ashamed, lol. It's like I never teach my juniors properly lah! He's like, too 'ya-ya' about drills. :/ Heck he's too lazy about everything.

Nevertheless, I really laughed my ass out during fall-out! Haha! And Farhan imitating Allen saying "Yes mdm" was really classic. (Y)

And, throughout the whole day, ever since Jeremy pass me this.....

This packet of tissue. And SWO-ians, especially the clarinets, has to cause their eyes to suffer looking at this.

Ey I was just trying to be like that girl on the tissure cover! Heh.
And YES. I did this face till band ended, HAHA. Must got the hand there hor. 

Okay these 2 pictures below are taken like, a few band practices ago?

I anyhow tied it for Michelle one! Really. But it turns out not bad, LOL. Like fan liddat. HA.

And this! (Sorry for the unfocused picture) Omg, it looks scary and weird, but if you look closely, it seems like it's body is....bent? It looks like it hurts a lot! Imagine your body bending like this. Omg. Start thinking like this, and you wouldn't feel that it's scary, you'll feel heartache.


Okay this is just, a few stupid theory I came up while bathing. LOL.

See, I wake up at 7am plus, to go for band practice, and reach home at around 1pm.
And frankly speaking, I've ALWAYS slept till 1pm plus. So when  reach home, it's like I just woken up, and it'll be like 'another day'. LOL. if you, uhm, get what I mean.

Basically if I wake up at 7am on non-band practice day, I'll feel that today is long. And when I wake up at 4pm, obviously it'll feels that the day went pass so fast.

So if you want to feel that your holiday is long, wake up at 7am everyday. LOL.

Okay, stupid, weird, random, and 'duh' theory I've got here. So.... BYE. HAHA.


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