I finally posted the post for the  Mister Potato Rice Crisps Contest!
Omg I feel so excited. I mean, it's actually my 1st time doing this kind of things! And really, I didn't expected my mum and sis to help me. (Y)

I had fun editing all the pictures! Too bad the quality sucks like hell. I really want a damn camera! :/

Oh yeah, my lousy english, damn confirm singlish till BWG lah. Sianzxzxz.

Well anyway, I already submitted. There's confirm got a lot of other interesting post lah. I think don't even need to think about consolation! But hey, I tried my best, no regrets yeah. I even planned and write on a foolscape paper. LOL. Loser I know. But I'm liddat one lah. Once I'm serious about something, I'm reaaaaally serious. Crazy yeah. And really, I had fun man! Should do this again sometime. (Y)

Okay, it's late, and there's band tmr. HAHA. But reach by 10.45am! Already very good, since everytime like 7.45am reach eh. So can sleep more, YAYEEE.

Okay peeeeeepoooooos. G'night! 


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