I ♥ Babies!

I've used 2 days to upload this post, so by right it should be
Thursday, 2nd September.

Oh yeah, HI.
I'm back from visiting my aunt, AGAIN.
This time, I'm back with loads and loads and loads of pictures!
(Most of 'em Sienna's one).
Maybe it's gonna bore you out, but whatever.
& don't you think Sienna is such a nice name?
Si-eah-nahh. Siea-nah. Sienna.

Aunt bluff me about the twins stuff.
RAWR! All of us thought it was real. Tsk!

Sienna is...playing with herself.
Whilst Uncle Andrew fixing the peg! 
Worried she'll fall lahhhh.

The effect very nice right! :D

She was mumbling to herself.
Omg, Zibi already lah, like SOMEONE.

She actually allows me to!!! 
& it's a huge deal because when I tried to last time, she kicked me off. :O
Now she comes and find me once in a while!
She'll be like, *opening her arms wide, and say "carwwie carwwieee"! (carry)
Adorable right!

^^ Cuteeeeeee!

She's playing with my shoes while Uncle Andrew is trying to coax her to NOT play with the shoes,
& eat the banana. 
Wow, I saw myself at the toilet's mirror! HAHAH.

This is like, the ONLY pic I managed to took with her.
She keep JUMPING AROUND lah!

She looks so small and cuddly here!!
P.S: I really like her hair!

Did I mention that she likes PHONE? Alot.
Handphone, cordphone. 
She just keeps, playing with them! Awwww..

:/ it'll be nicer if it wasn't so blurry..

I managed to capture this despite her moving around!

Was gonna take another picture with her again, 
But as you can see, it's a big failure since she ran up to my phone. Tsk.
You can see my head there! HAHA.

Finally see her charming smile here!
Hard to capture you know.

Okay this is stupid.
I was like, "Look there Sienna, look look!"

Hereeee this is bettterrrr.

She was DESPERATE to go out, & kept on trying to open the door!
And I really mean desperate.

And I have no idea what she is doing~
Kid stuff, DO NOT DISTURB. (Haaa).

Tried to take another picture with her again, and YES, it's yet another failure. 
Btw, see! I can take care of kids leh, 
I'll be a good mother. :D (advertise 1st. HAHA).

Ahahaa, she wanted to go other places! 
:/ stupid camera quality.

She loves to bite straws! It's like if you take it away from her it's the end of the world!
Hahaaaaa, hard to feed her leh.

Omg, it's so adorable my heart is feeling that fuzzy feeling!

I wonder do I look this cute when my mum feed me?
Haha, nah, I probably bite her hand. LOL.

She wants that yellow straw, there.
& she really points to it alot of times, and want us to take it for her!
But we can't, cause its my mum's and Sienna's not allowed to touched till other people's saliva.
Something about not having some injection... So yeah.

*bounce bounce bounce.

Sienna: I'm still interested in THAT straw, even though you gave me the same exact colour.

Random picture!

I like it when babies drink milk!
Even though I don't like milk. :/

Sienna: NOW I want that GREEN one!

*bounce bounce bounce again~

Sienna: I still want that green straw...

Whenever she's on an escalator, she automatically sits down!
So adorable lah!

She's actually dancing! 
My cousin on music, & she was like, hopping around, CUTE!

Sorry the blur-ry-ness. (No such word I think).
She's dancing- again!

Okay this is super random lah, 
But I find it nice. :O

Told you she likes shoes! XD

She's ticklish! XD

Opps, my aunt caught me taking pictures of her. HAHAHA.

My mum forced me to take one, :/
She keep tell me to take sia! Alot of times. -.-
She even change the couch & tell me take. TSK!

Tried to take picture with both Sienna and my mum but yeah,
It's just another failure. RAWR.
& my hair look like Bruce Lee here! LOLOL.

Do I resembles my mum? Haha!

And yes, YET another failureee!

No tip-toe, no faking, I swear. :D

When her baby is born and all grown up, I'm gonna show him/her this picture!

Motherly love!

& then, I influenced my mum and aunts to cam-whore in the toilet.
Because the toilet's mirror is so seducing.

End of cam-whore session.

See, babies so shiok, no need care about whether other people can see their pampers.

I think she really looks so much like a model here! 
Omg, am I a genius or what?! HAHA.
But then, the picture quality succks~ :/

Eeeyerrr, scared you? HAHA. (Bad)

My aunt still taking the potato chips, HAHA!

My mum and aunt so short!

Fine, I'm short too. :/
& I look weird here ahahahaa!

Last picture!

Okay PHEW. 
I finally uploaded all the pictures.
I used 2 DAYS to upload them! :/
Finally can 松一口气 already! Hahaha!
Sorry if the picture quality not good and that it's boring to you.

I ♥ babies! 


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