Heri Kustanto is GAY.

Omg, you know what?
The MIGHTY HERI KUSTANTO, actually knows much more then me.......
About Cardcaptor Sakura!
He bought Cardcaptor Sakura Season 2 sia.
Not his sis. HIM. HIMMMMMM!
Oh my. & I thought I was gay. There was somebody GAYER! :D
Feel so happy.

& he wants me to tell him the ending when I watch finish.
To Heri: You should just watch with me lahhhh~


He was willing to hack into my account to delete this post, but unwilling to relink me. :/
That's still shows how GAY he is, no matter the age.
Gay people will still be gay. :D
Even thought he's cute cause he wants to buy it.
But yeah, gay.
Okay, I'm mean. :)


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