Urgh. I really need to know the law about ________.
Need to plan for the future, imagine and such.

Thankyou Heri for yesterday. Sorry, showed you the 'unglam' part of me.
Thanks Jiawei for just now. So now I don't have to call Heri already. LOL.

She's acting like yesterday did not happened.
I need to let her know we support her, no matter what.
But how am i suppose to do that?

I actually cheered up during band.
It made me forgot about it, at least for 6 hours.
Thank you people.
I gotta stay calm!

Oh, MrLim got 5 friends now, so maybe he didn't want us, these immature kids to dirty his wall?
Hahahah, I feel like a stalker. :O

OH, & thanks Victoria & Khoi Yan for the milo and food! THANKYOUUUU!
I keep thanking people. :B

What will happen from now on?..


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