Bye mum!

Woke up at 6am + today.
Had only around 2h plus of sleep!
Bus 97 single deck. Had to stand with my mum's luggage lying on my knee. *Ouch*.
STOOD FOR 1HOUR. Omg. Thank god my mum got seat.
Glad I went, cause there was alot of obstacles!
My mum would have been struggling. BUT I WAS THERE!
Xinman the hero saved the day! Wahahahahhaaaa!

Mum gave me $10 to buy mac.
Bought a bottle to Lemon Barley &
Taste nice, for me. Weird. But a good kind of weird.
A bit sweet yet a bit saltish. Yum.
Bought some sushi also! Not fresh.

On the way back home, tried reading this: The Circus Of Adventure.
I used to love this book! When I was like, Primary 5? HAHA.
But I dozed off on the 1st few pages. Slept through the journey.
When reach JEC, I think I was the only one left on the bus! C.R.E.E.P.Y.

I think I might have dozed off while walking.
Imagine I was in the middle of a road! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Anyway, reached home safely, if not I won't be here. *DUH.*
Sleep on my sis bed immediately!
I just, drifted off as soon as my head hit her bed. Snore.

Okay, this post is somewhat nonsense. Wahahahhaa.
Waiting for ODWIN to upload the pictures, QUICK QUICK QUICK!
Bye people.

OH! There's band SECTIONALS tmr.
9-12. Fall-in at 8.45am. Gotta wake up earlyyyyy!


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