'Awesome' June holiday ever.

So yeah, let me show you my schedule.

Sorry if it's a blur. My phone camera sucks. What can I do. I'm poor. 
For your info, Green; Tuition, Blue; Shuqun band (might not go?), Pink; Obog band. 
And the first 2 weeks, the self-proclaimed 'Camp Victory'. 

My english assignments. Have to send all these by the dates stated to Ms Tan's email.

Yep so this is my June holiday'11. What kind of freaking holiday is it? I don't know. Don't want to complain, know I shouldn't complain, but I'm a Singaporean and this is my blog. Yes I'm being a bitch. Not in the mood. 

Before I go, let me show you my pathetic 'shelf' in my living room. I don't know whether we're too poor to get a decent bookshelf, or my parents just doesn't care.

Btw, I have more textbook and shits in my room. It's messier than this so I think I'll save your eyes. These are the 'frequeently used' ones.

Oh and, I've created this account on twitter, that nobody knows. I can finally post my feelings without everyone thinking that "Oh she's complaining again, she just wants to attract attention" when I'm just feeling myself. So yeah.

Btw, today was my O level MT paper. Was a bit nervous but went to library with Xinwan, Cally and Meixuan, and was relaxed. MT paper was so-so. But I think I will most likely get a B4. No confidence. I've never had any.

Why are my hands shivering nowadays? Am I dying? I hope I am.


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