Poly poly.

Yesterday and today, we went to Nanyang and Republic poly respectively, to look at their courses and give us a chance to ask whatever questions we wanna ask.

So yeah, basically. WE GET TO SKIP LESSONS FUCK YEAH. Which is a good thing lah, since I haven't been sleeping a lot lately and kept dozing off during lessons... :/ Shit I better start to change this bad habit(?). 

Anywayyyyy, Nanyang poly was kinda. Hmmms. IDK, I think we kinda wasted our time there. XD Cause we had to wait for.. this person to come bring us to..somewhere? LOL.

So anyway, I very lazy type, but we went to some of the courses to look at stuff and etc. And yeah, there was some kinda fun games and all.

Gah I feel so lazy now. Let's just see what I got over there!

There was this art thingy, and they were like helping people to put this make-up like thingy (which can be easily wiped off) so I put it on my face! HA.

Not bad right! but should've put it like more higher cause my hair kept hiding it. HAHA.
There was only the word design, I think. 

Then we head to this science thingy, and I was allowed to listen to the stethoscope! Wow. I really heard the heartbeat! So cool. And there was this microscope thingy okay I don't really know the real name of that machine but I was able to see this this this cell or smth. Fungus? WHOA FUCKING CLEAR. IT MADE MY HAIR STAND WHOA.

And then there was this food thingy too. (sorry about the thingy(s) I really don't know what are they :X) Then we get to try the food they made, and they actually uhm study about food? Like everything. Too science lah I noob.

Then at the corridor there was this, photobooth thingy? They were getting people to take picture for IDK what. Then somehow, Philomena, Syafiqah, Syazwani and I did it! 

HAHA, We were suppose to get all the apparatus and etc, dress up and take picture! They said there were some voting thingy, and if we won we could get a camera! OMFG LAH I WANT, but I know we wouldn't get it anyway... It was only just for fun, hehehe. And Philomena somehow got the picture and tagged my in fb. HAHA!

Fucking nice right! They even went to edit it, TILL SO NICE OMFG. HAHA.

Then right beside this booth, there was yet another booth, for airbrush tattoos! Or smth. 
So I went to get one! And it's..






I'm a superman in disguise. 

I think I'm really clever lah (thick skin) put it there, so that my skirt can cover it. 
And I won't be forced to clean it off before it really fades (use nailpolish remover to remove it)

And yep that's Mandy's! She put it on both her hands. Heh!

P/S: I'm not trying to put it there to seduce anyone -.- 

Okay other than all this everything was kinda in chaos. And we really wasted a lot of time standing and waiting...

ANYWAY SO. TODAY WE WENT TO REPUBLIC POLY. And damn they actually came to our school and so-called bring us there. And they were really really organised! 

The first school we went to was hospitality, and there were like 5 groups or smth? And each group will give you a chop on this paper. And if you get all 5 you'll get either a popcorn or cotton candy LOL. Like whoa, this will totally attract those aunties and all lah. XD But of course we took them too! MUAHAHAHA. 

But hey I think the school of hospitality was like the best lah. I mean it kinda make it interested in it! But I still make up my mind anyway so YEAH. Hah!

We went to the sports part, and there was this DDR! Mandy played it, haha! And I went to try this weight thingy, that can weigh like your muscles, your fats and etc, and HERE'S MINE! 


We only had like a little bit of time, so we went to just y'know, walk around, and this person ask us whether we wanna take picture, and of course we did! HEH.


Man you can totally see my eyebags. It's like so. Purplish! Dark. Omg. ):
That's what you get when you have only 1hour of sleep lol.

And oh yeah, their goodie bag was awesome. I think their school's like damn rich lah. 
And their facilities too, wooo!
Too bad we only stayed for a little while, cause there was no time... 
I'd rather stay there longer laaaaaa, tsk!

HAH OKAY I'M DAMN LAZY NOW. But yeah, I don't think I'll be blogging often anymore since I'll be so busy with band, homework, tuition homework yada yada yada. 

I really need to improve on my studies omg!

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