Heppy New Year!

Yep! It's a brand new year, and today's the 1/1/11! Nice right. Those who got into a relationship today can go brag about the date. HA.

Anyway, I haven't been posting as much now because I have no picture and my life is still as boring as ever so there isn't really anything to post about, even though something did happen this few days but it's okay only Michelle shall know, aren't you honored, Michelle? (I typed w/o fullstops again and I like the way I feel breathless while typing them LOL)

Hi Ms Jama if you're reading this please go post the pictures and videos to FB already! Geeeeez!! Heh.

Right, so.

Actually. No. LOL.
I never really think about it...

Okay fine, maybe study hard for O level. Ey fuck why did time pass by so fast? Lemmi retain or smth man tsk. I dowan to leave band. ):

When I leave everyone must remember me okay. When I come back must open champagne and wear party hats. :D LOLBULLSHIT.

Yeash, m0iiszxxcz iiShhzxcxz b0redss!! Lolx. I've been on the comp since 2pm when I woke up, till now. Which means that I spent the whole first day of the awesome date of 2011 sitting infront of comp downloading songs while my forehead slowly gets oily. And eventually grow loads of big fat pimples. Ewww much.

Okay, I really have nth to post about omg my life's so sad. I shall go sit one corner and moan about how boring my life is. (lame) 

Hoh yeah, I've been listening to english songs lately. SHOCKING RIGHT. This band freak is finally listening to all them awesome songs. And I finally updated my iPod music lah everyday same thing lol.

Oh yeah, Mr Lim passed me the CD of songs, which includes Festival Variations! And my dad helped me to convert it to wmv format, so now I can listen fuck yeah. Who wants the song HUH. I shall put it in my phone just for the sake of sending it to others wooo I'm such a kind senior right. (self praise sorry).

Speaking of that, I do hope our band can achieve Gold this year for SYF! Everyone's better work hard...

I hope this year will be a better one. I hope my family will stay strong. I hope everyone wouldn't bear any grudges to anybody. I hope everyone take cares of themselves. I hope my tone will improve. I hope I can start saving money everyday. And get a camera. I hope I could find time for everything. I hope my math improve. I hope there'll be a lot of musically inspired sec 1 joining SWO this year. I hope there won't be a lot of natural disasters in other country. I hope everyone will start being more selfless. I hope my english improve and I can speak english well.

"This year will be a great year for you! 
Cause no more Benjin to corrupt the rest of your year!"

Fuck yeah her instinct is always soooo right. THANK GOD. AND FUCK YOU BENJIN. 

Alright, off to grow more pimples, and,

LOL so pathetic till go google search for images omggggggggg.



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