Performance at Supreme Court!

Alright, this will be yet another post with NO PICTURES and would be mentioning lots of names and things which happens that nobody knows and wouldn't care. Which means it's gonna be wordy, and thus nobody will frigging give a damn. But if you're a SWO members you'll understand! MUAHAHA.

Basically today we fall-in at normal timing again, 7.45am. And we did breathing exercise, 2 scales for warm up and hummed the songs as we're saving some chop for the performance instead. It's tough when you play for one whole day and had to perform at night!

Blahblah, and blah, and it's lunch! Ate with Baoyue, Kimberly, Fatiha and Qianhui again like ytd. We had to rush cause we were dismissed late! And again, I'm the one who ate finish 1st. I think I'm scary when I'm eating. Like some hungry ghost. Ewwww.

Changed to our blazers and of course, I'M STILL AS HANDSOME AS EVER IN BLAZERS. *Smugs.

Ohyeah, when lunch was ending, Fengchao was walking around, trying to change a $10 to smaller change. And he didn't say, "Do you have $10 change?"

But said, "You have one five dollar two two dollar one one dollar???" 

YES. He said those everytime he sees one person AND THAT'S NOT ALL. 
He actually said that frigging sentence in ONE AND A HALF SEC. 
Yes I counted it with the '1thousand2thousand' type of counting of seconds. TRY SAYING THAT WHOLE SENTENCE THAT FAST. I bet you'll need at least 3sec. Imagine how fast he could said that and every word was CLEAR and he didn't even stutter gosh.

I kept telling him to repeat it CAUSE IT WAS SO WOW and I liked it LOLOL.
Seriously, try it. 

Right, so helped with percussion section to move their instruments, checking countless of times for file, stands, reeds mouthpiece, mutes, bow-tie so that we won't left anything there and TADAHHHH we're heading to Supreme Court!

Don't say I not good lah, here's a picture of the Supreme Court!

See the circle circle thingy up there? It's Jiawei's house. :D

Jiawei's eyes were red cause of her coloured contact lenses. Mr Lim was like saying something about her looking like an ALIEN. I have no idea why but should be cause of the redness. And as fate would have it, the Supreme Court has this uhm, circle thingy up there, making it look like a spaceship so Mr Lim was saying like, "You're going back home later."

Get it? Alien, spaceship, HOME??? 

Hah, and thus, this has become the joke of the day. And when we reached we were like wow Jiawei your house so big neh. HA.

By the way, the security there was really strict. I guess there's a lot of important people there, which is... duh.  LOL. It would be epic if a bunch of students with instruments trying to assassinate people there, which of course wouldn't happened...

But I was kind of unhappy with that security check. Yes, we had to put our blazers, instrument through this screening thingy. And there was this sign that said,
"The government will not be responsible for any damaged caused to your belongings through this screening." 

I was like, lol? You want to check yet if it's spoilt in the process it's none of your business. And yes guess what, a clarinet ROLLED OFF the screening thingy (and the mouthpiece cover fell off, means the reed was actually opened to being chipped and stuff), cause it was slanted and the piccolo dropped inside this gap in the middle of the thingy that moved, and yet they didn't stop the thingy. I don't know what that thingy is called lah lol.

Alright, no offence to their tight security. I understand it's to keep the people there safe. But still. Instruments is expensive leh. :/ Tsk.

"Wow Jiawei had to go through these security check 
everytime she go home!"

After we had our rehearsal, we had a short tour there! We went to the court room! And it's. Okay i forgot what it's called but it's quite big and air-conditioned.

There were lots of electronic gadgets all around like webcam to this dunno what room with the victim when he/she can't face the accused, cameras that view all 4 sides of the room and able to zoom in to see one person's face clearly when he/she speaks e.g lawyers. This screen that can view the 4 side of the room taken by the cameras and powerpoints, microphone that's able to record every single things that was being said and etc etc.

We were allowed to sit anywhere, the lawyer's, media's, witness and audience seat. (But of course not the Chief Justice's seat lah) Jiawei, Samantha, Azri and I actually had the chance to SIT IN THE ACCUSED DOCK OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Means we're the criminals or rapist or whatever shitxzcz!! So cool lah, I mean, it's like once in a life time chance to sit INSIDE there! Unless I did something unlawful lah omg. A place where muderers sat before... Wow.


There was also this secretory's seats which is right below the Judge's. And at one of the end they actually can adjust the lights, zoom the camera, DVD & some other player, change the view of the camera and all sorts of adjustments! Wow. So cooooooool!

And we actually watched this video about Supreme Court, and another one about the structures of Supreme Court. The circle circle thingy is something about Justice? Was it like cause uhm, it's in circles or something? That justice will always be back to those who're uhm, IDK. LOLOL. Anyway, we were like, "Jiawei your house is Justice!" LOLOL. OKAY SO LAME BUT YAH.

We went up to the 8th floor, and actually were standing right behind.....!

Even though the windows looks black outside, but you can actually see the wow view from the inside.

*I got these pictures from google, and I wasn't the one who took this picture, 
as phones and cameras weren't allowed inside. 
Weird rule, but yeah.

I mean, it's soooooooooooo darn CLEAN AND CLEAR that it feels like you're really on top of a building! (There's glass there of course). This person only took the above part, but if you actually stand near the EDGE of this uhm window, you'll actually feel that YOU'RE GONNA GO SUICIDE.

It's like the only place you can feel how people who wants to go suicide, the feeling of STANDING on the roof, gonna jump down, yet you won't die cause there's this window to protect you.

And the feeling of standing on the edge of a building is NOT FUN. I think my legs actually went numb and jelly when I stand on the edge like, 5sec? Gosh.

It's really very scary, and it REALLY seems like standing on top of the building cause the window is SO CLEAN. I'm not joking, and yes I know I'm naggy lolol.

I was like going around telling people to do that just to let them feel how I feel!!!!! Which is kinda amusing cause it's like something I wouldn't do, but had the chance to 'try and not die'.

It's only the 8th storey yet I already feel scared and giddy. People who actually go to suicide must be very desperate to die to be not scared of this. I'm actually quite impressed by their braveness....omg I'm impressed for the wrong thing. LOL.

Gyaaaaaa, anyway, we had uhm, dinner(?) after the tour, and Samantha, Jiawei and I were giving out the food. Since it's 'Jiawei's house', we were like saying this is her restaurant. LOLOL.
The Yuitttt Restaurant! (Y)

We literally said, "Welcome to Yuitttt's Restaurant." to EVERYONE who took the packet of food from us, LOL.

Ohyeaaaaaaa, our food this time was finally something different! Quite tasty compared to others I must say, since we were always having this same food from the same stall, cause it's cheap mah! MUAHAHA.

After dinner, we were like rushing to tune and all too soon, we were starting our performance! Whoaaaa. (btw the balloons there were REAL PRETTY!!) 

I actually could hear Jeremy trying his best to get in tune when reaching the higher octave notes, and some parts he managed to get in tune, which is really great lah! But then, the tuning overall was...omg eww. Lol. But nevertheless I guess everyone enjoyed themselves! Jolie said that most of them were actually, realllllyyy looking at us! (Y) Weeeeeeeee!

Ohyeah, after that, we carried the instruments down and etc, and wait for the bus. One bus came and the woodwinds went up, I stayed to help the percussion.

Actually I didn't even know they were gone cause I was at the other end, with the percussion, doing the uhm, baby freeze? And YES I can do it! Correction, I STILL can do it! I actually learned this from my sister like, when I was sec 1?! HAHA! And we were all trying to do it, and doing loads of crazy stuff! And of course getting glares from the teachers lah. :X

Finally the truck for the percussion instruments came, and we loaded up them. We sang the 'Barbie song' and lots of stupid song and Samantha, Kenneth and I attempted to dance some Kpop music moves. LOLOL.

We couldn't go yet after loading cause we needed another bus!! And guess what, Ms Sunarti was telling me that, "We have officially waited for 2hours." Wow. I didn't realised cause I was busy making a fool out of myself, LOLOL. I was really damn high!! God everyone was! Jiawei (even though only awhile), Samantha, Wedding, Danish and Kendrick and even Kenneth!

But it was damn awesome. (Y)

After some time, this teeny weeny little 2 and a half years old girl came with her dad, WITH LOADS OF THE BALLOONS FROM THE DINNER PARTY OR SMTH. And gosh she's damn cute! Her name's Megan, and she speaks english quite well, even though shy! Omggggggggg....

Her dad was like, "Look that's the trumpet, do you wanna hear how a trumpet sounds like?" And she shook her head and said, "No". LOLOL! But we called Farhan here and told him to play 'Twinkle twinkle little star' and it was soooooo sweet! She even Hi-5-ed with Farhan! *Squeals like mad women.*

And I actually talked to Yanjing today! And I really do think she can be friendly and etc if she step out of her boundary and stop isolating herself from everyone except Celine... I think part of the reason she keeps skipping band cause Celine's the only one she's willing to talk to but since Celine always go for Volleyball instead of band and it made Yanjing don't want to come too? That's really sad. But I booked her to go lunch on sat with us! (Y) Hope she can really be more daring to step out. 

Thank god that today's consent form the teachers wrote 9pm.

Cause we were being delayed, by like 2hours omg.

And the fact that I see everyone coming back 2nd, and even 3rd time to help and find something to carry, like percussion instruments and etc, and try to help other section, and of course their own one. It makes me feel that we're really like....a family. Helping one another when in need. ^^

And I thank those who helped the percussion till you SWEAT PROFUSELY like Kendrick! He looks like he  just showered man. And of course Afiq, Farhan, Samantha, and so on. They were some of them who kept on helping the percussion w/o complains. (Y)

OKAY I CANNOT TAHAN ALREADY LAH. SO DAMN TIRED OMG. I know it's naggy and long-witted and like, "Wth stop telling me your stories I don't even know who's Fengchao or Yanjing." but again, it's for reminisce purposes! Muahahaaaaaa.

You know you love me. I know you don't but I'm just trying to make myself happy. Okay I'm talking crap. I'm tireddddd!

Oh I look fat.

P/S: Today all the guys in band were all dazzling! All so handsome with neatly button-up shirt with bow-tie and blazers and long pants!!! Omg I think I have a weird fetish for guys who dress up neatly. Gosh.

P/S/S: But of course, I'm still the most stunning one over there, tyty. *bow

I took this a few days ago. I was wondering how long this tree has been here. 
Ever since the school was built?
Or way before that? 
And I was thinking if I'm the tree, I can actually experience so many things.. 
Looking at people getting older and matured, stepping down and comes new students again...
Wouldn't it be nice to just be rooted to the ground and watch the surroundings? 


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