I'm practically neglecting my blog.

HI PEOPLE! YES I'M BACK. For awhile. Did anyone miss me? Did you? Did YOU!??! You better did 'cause... I don't know, just trying to be fierce. LOLOL.

Anyway, currently my life is revolving around band, work and math tuitions. And yes. I've been working everyday ever since I started working. Which is selling Icecreams if some of you don't know, but nobody cares anyway. Bleh.

I think I've earned maybe around $200+ now? But of course I spent some of it lah, on books and high waist shorts lolol. And I've started feeling the tiredness of working everyday. Now I know how my parents feel like. But still! I'm determined to continue this job as long as I have nothing to do at night! MUAHA.

Btw, today was my worst sales, yet. 13/20. The best one was 23/20, which was my 1st time restocking! (Y) But now my luck seems to be deteriorating. I guess this sales thingy really needs to have skills, luck and timing, as mentioned to me by someone who works there longer than me.

Really, selling Icecreams can be fun too lah, depends on the partner you're working with! Heh. I'm not joking.

Ohyeah! I was nearly ate for band practice today, because 1) I woke up later than usual and 2) I realised that I didn't bring my clarinet along with me when I'm already in the bus. Stupid much?!? Going to band practice without instrument, and I've done this countless of times gosh. I literally walked back from 2 bus stops away to get my clarinet and miraculously, I WAS RIGHT ON TIME. (Y)

Anyway that wasn't the main point, but I made you read it, HA. The main point was that...
Well not exactly but yeah.

The thing is, my section wasn't able to play this part in Takarajima, so Ms Loh actually told me to go junior band room to teach them. I don't know whether it's me, or the air-con or maybe it's just some miracle, that I was able to teach them how to play that part, ON TIME, and TOGETHER!

Ms Loh: "Wah can finally hear clarinet SECTION already hor."

Haha so bad! And I can see that she really was quite impressed cause she made us played the same thing over and over again just to check that she wasn't dreaming and that we're playing it tgt as a section.

Especially Allen cause I can see his effort even though he's kinda...slow(?) with rhythm and stuff. But he was able to play tgt WITH US. I'm so proud, really.

Ms Loh even called me while I was on the way to work and asked me what did I do to make them able to play together! Hah! I think I just kept forcing them to repeat the rhythm while I conduct and ask them to play. You've gotta practice WITH them, tsk.

Anyway, Ms Loh was like, "Don't give up on them okay, they can do it one!" 
The thing is, Ms Loh is also expecting more things from us. Dang. I've gotta work my ass off.

Anyway, here are some uhm, pictures. They're all really random cause I don't really take pictures anymore which is a shame since my photography skills is so darn frigging good. Not.

Cherry! I still remembered that we were talking about Cherry's unglam pictures! And this wasn't the one we're talking about, THAT was REALLY funny and cute lahhhh! HAHAHA. 
And I took this so that we can start to create a "Cherry's unglam but cute picture" album. HA.

And here's Pamela with her black and white UKISS! 
They were here at IMM and were gone even before Pamela got to see them, that's so sad. 
You can actually feel her grief & sadness for not knowing they were here. LOL.
But ohwell, at least we still has got a picture of her with them guys! HA.

Okay that's so thick skinned of me to put my own zilian picture here but I really think this is nice lah! 
And look, I LOOK FAIR. *Take note of the word, LOOK. ):

And this is to scare you. :D

And this is my, uhm, ex-bookmark. 
Why ex? Cause on the day that I bought it, the top right hand corner got chipped off.
Guess I'm too violent. D: 
But I really love this cause it's like so frigging vintage and there's this cute bird over there!
I immediately bought it when I glanced at it!! But too bad it's broken. ):

Speaking of birds, I have this, this weird fetish for birds and birdcages. And I still remember what Samantha said when I mentioned it to her. 

"Guys down there also named as 'birds' leh, you like 'em too?" 

OMFG EWW LAH! Okay wait did you even get the joke? HMMM.

Annnddddd Riiiiiigggghhhhtttttt.
So I bet you guys remember this chio keychain that I bought that time, right? Of course you don't, so i'm gonna post again,

So pretty right! And of course it was dangling on my phone for maybe 1 month or so? 
But I took it out today. Why?
Part of the reason is because some of the parts had gone rusty and it kept dropping off. ):

But the other reason is.... 


Sorry for the bad quality. But yeah. Jiawei gave me this today! 
She told me she saw this at this blogshop and just bought it for me, and she said it's like, $2+ only.
But I still appreciate it so muchhhhh! Cause I love birds!! Not THAT bird mind you.
And look closely at both of the items, the cage looks the same right! ^^
Plus, even though it's simple, but it's way lighter too. (Y)!

Hehe, alright, so this is what's going on nowadays, which is....boring. Even though band is fun lah! And I kept working, and neglecting my math revisions. Shit. :/ But nevertheless, it's so boring that I don't even have anything to update my blog about, hence this stupid random post from nowhere. 

Dang this book is really nice. Really. And Darren is my supervisor's name LOL random much!

Alright peepos, shall go now. See even when I'm darn tired and my eyelids are like half closed, I'm still trying my best to post a post! Tsk! Even though nobody reads it except for Vanessa. HA.



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