What a 'fine' start.

Good evening people.
I am currently in a mood which contains anger, disappointment, irritation, and constant guiltiness.
Why? I shall tell you why.
But beware: Contains adult content. Parental guidance is adviced. LOLOL.
Nah jk, but there's going to be a lot of swearing. & Ranting.
You're gonna be bored.

Seriously, this is really the most unluckiest day of my whole sec 3 life.
(I think I say this countless of time. Ohwell.)
I woke up on time.
And my left side of my hair was actually curling up awkwardly.
My fringe was defying gravity, it was actually bouncing.
And I look like a weird shaped mushroom. Fugly.

So yeah, I went out of house, &, I repeat, THE SAME USUAL TIMING.
& guess what? I got up the wrong bus. 198 instead of 98. -.-
Thank god I realised it. AND I was proud of it LOL.
Like, wow I noticed I was on the wrong bus! Yay.
But I got on 187, and got caught on a traffic jam.
So it was like, maybe 10 to 15 min later.
Lucky or what?
Late by a few seconds. F.

So yeah, usual history, and P.E.
CME, then the long awaited Recess.
Except for the fact that I can't find my wallet.
I searched for it desperately and was sure no one pranked me cause nobody ever does that to me other than Philomena.
So yeah, it's lost. :/
Nothing valuable, except for the $20++ that I was saving for my sis birthday present.
Was damn depressed, lol.
Syazwani actually gave me her coupons to eat during recess!
Thankyou so much. (:

Math, I dozed off a lot of times LOL.
But managed to learn what we were suppose to learn. Hmm.

DnT. Our cher not here.
Was complaining to people about the fucker who took my stuff.
I fucking, randomly, suddenly, wharever-ly remembered.
That's when I totally curse and swear and broke down.
The PSP is not mine. NOT MINE. It's my sis.
I borrowed from her, and I lost it. I and guilt-stricken.
Plus she will scold my ass off.
Fucking hell.

Went to find teacher to report.
I mean seriously, wallet I still can take it. But a PSP that is not mine?
I'm so not gonna let it go just like that.
But hell, guess what? The teachers don't care.
Really, what kind of image are you giving the school?
There is a THIEF in our school, and you just let it go?
Yes I know, it's my fault for not bringing them down to put inside the stupid box.
& I know it's too late to tell you about it after so many hours has gone by.
(If I'd remember the PSP earlier... :/)
But you still can conduct a bag search, right?
It helps you find the culprit, plus the things that we lost what, one stone two bird.
At least you did did something.
Yes I know it wastes time and effort.
But it's better then just scolding the pupil which has already got such huge negative impact, since he/she is the one who LOST their things.
I admit, IT IS MY FAULT.
So you're just gonna let it go? Let the fucker continue to steal things and laugh at how stupid we are?
Can't you at least give us the key to lock the door during PE. LOL.
But then.. There's really nothing we can do.

Anyway, I really was darn unhappy about this.
So we tried to find other teachers and ask for permission, maybe a bag search? Lol.
We wanted to talk to Ms Siti, but then we saw Mr Loh, and figured we can talk to him without much tension.
But hell, he called back Mr Tang. :/ (And he's v v v v v v fierce).
& guess what he said?
"You are wasting my time on this kind of nonsense."
And, "Bag search? If that makes you happy, then I search, lah."
& since the teacher for HALF of the DnT students, (us), was not here,
He is only able to search our class one.
Cause, he have NO RIGHTS to interrupt other classes.
So yeah, only searched our HALF of the DnT class, which consist of different people from class 3a, 3b, 3c.
Isn't it a bit.. Stupid? Okay, no offence though.
What if the culprit was from MY CLASS, but we only search these people?
It's not that I'm accusing anyone, mind you.
What about the others. Is this fair.
There has been LOTS of cases about this.
Victoria has been one of them. It really is stupid.

But after searching, Mr Tang talked to me.
And tell me that he already did what he can do.
& unless I have PROVE that that person steal my things, then I have the rights to interrupt the class.
So yeah, I guess can let this matter rest. NOT.

I'm gonna write a LETTER for that FUCKER who STOLE my things.
Please be mindful that I'll be ranting non-stop here.
And that I'll be swearing and cursing and etc. Thankyou.

Dear fucker-who-stole-my-belongings,

You are so gonna go to hell. 
Your hands will be cut off over and over again, 
and they will get chopped into minces and you'll still be able to feel the pain. 
Your wounds will be RUBBED against a heated piller and SALTS will be sprinkled on them.
Do you realised how SELFISH, how self-centered you are?
Are you so fucking poor that you can't afford PSP on your own.
Or you're just a perverted asshole who steals things for fun?
Have you have NO LIFE.
Oh yeah, you're just a dumbass who can't afford a PSP and go around stealing others.
I already played my Kingdom Hearts till the boss stage.
And now it has all GONE TO WASTE.
Do you know how difficult it was?!? Cb.
And my harvest moon, the girl I jio-ing already RED HEART leh.
& my house etc all ENLARGED. Now it's all gone, too.
My Work Time Fun leh? I got so many mini games sia. Wth.
Plus I have so much nice RPG games inside, and my memory stick is 8GB. Nabei.
What about my wallet?
I love it so much you know. Plus, it's white and it so unique.
Yet you took it.
The passport photo of me when I was little, my mum, dad and sis all inside.
Plus the NEO-PRINTS that I took with Jiawei. 
& I have SO MANY plasters inside. I slowly collect one for emergency.
Now it's all gone.
What about my Ez-link card? Now I have to re-do it! 
My $20++ for my sis present leh?!?
Now I have to borrow money from people,
because her birthday is coming soon, and yet you steal it.
And I fucking hate borrowing money from people, cb.
What about the PRICELESS ticket that I got from going to Disneyland in HK which has got a mickey mouse picture in it?
I can't get it anymore. 
Inconsiderate sia. 
You just take them because you feel like it, yet you don't even think about what the other party will feel.
Think about how will YOU feel when the exact same thing happens to you.
The stuff that THEY need to do like re-making their IC or Ez-link.
Cb if you really want money so desperately go rob a bank.
If you're poor, you think I'm rich?
I saved up that bunch of money, NOT EATING and STARVING.
Just for my sis's sake. & you just happily took them and spend it.
Fuck you and hope you burn in hell for eternity.

Yours spitefully, Xinman.

I really feel like printing this out and pasting it ALL OVER THE SCHOOL COMPOUND.
And maybe include my house address so that if s/he is guilty and want to give me back my belongings.
Feel so pissed can, you don't fucking mess with me.

If my vocab is better, I would have use all of them to rant the shit out of him/her. 
Alright, done with the negative stuff.
Now, I would like to thank those people who actually tried to cheer and console me.
& to those who hear me rant.

Syazwani, Syafiqah and Philomena who consoled me, 
Especially Syazwani who gave me coupons to eat. 
Melissa who rubbed my back when I'm crying and accompanied me to find teacher.
Rosanna and Mandy who supported me and comfort me, and helping me to choose which teacher to tell. HAHA.
Bo Jun who pat my head and tell me to cheer up.
Odwin who drew me a PSP and Wallet! 
Joyce who tell me to cheer up and encouraged me.
Yeow meng who comforted and consoled me.
Edward for helping me to check Mervin's bag, HAHA.
Mr Tang for helping me to conduct the bag search.
Victoria, Ashwin, Andra, Felicia whom said 2 words, 'cheer up'.
Dawn, Kimberly and Janyce for lending me 55cents to take bus.
Jiawei who actually makes me feel brightened up.
& to those, who actually cared. 
I really do appreciate it, a lot. Even if it's only a small word of encouragement.
You don't know how much it means to me. (:

And to my sis,
I'm really really sorry that I lost your PSP.
I do feel guilty, and I didn't want this to happen.
I seek your forgiveness.

Last but not least,

Drawn and made by, ODWIN.
Can see got a lot of efforts made! Plus, got money eh. Ha!
Thankyou, Odwin, it really made my day! :D

Lesson learnt.


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